"TransientException" errors when you try to move mailboxes from Exchange Online to Exchange Server 2010 in the on-premises environment

Applies to: Exchange OnlineExchange Server 2010


When you try to offboard or move mailboxes from Microsoft Exchange Online to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 in the on-premises environment, the move operation doesn't progress past a certain percentage. For example, the operation appears to stop at 10 percent, and eventually fails. 

When you run the Get-MoveRequestStatistics cmdlet together with the -IncludeReport parameter to obtain the move report, you may see the following TransientException errors:
Timestamp: <Date><Time>
FailureType: RestartMoveCorruptSyncStateTransientException
FailureCode: -2146233088
MapiLowLevelError: 0
FailureSideInt: 0
ExceptionTypes: {Exchange, Transient, MRS, MRSTransient}
ExceptionTypesInt: {1, 2, 10, 11}
Message: Restarting the move because checkpoint data doesn't exist or is invalid in '<DomainName>.onmicrosoft.com\xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx (Primary)'.
Timestamp: <Date><Time>
FailureType: CommunicationErrorTransientException
FailureCode: -2146233088
MapiLowLevelError: 0
FailureSide: Target
FailureSideInt: 2
ExceptionTypes: {Exchange, Transient}
ExceptionTypesInt: {1, 2}
Message: The call to 'https://hybrid.<DomainName>.com/EWS/mrsproxy.svc <ServerName>.<DomainName>.com ( caps:05FFFF)' failed. Error details: The server was unable to process the request due to an internal error.
Additionally, you may see the following error in the move report:
Flags: Recursive, FailOnForeignEID--------Search folder: '/Finder/Search Folder1', entryId [len=46, data=000000003C6CB08C6F36E04A9861917047605CC001006A88A52868A7A64E94CDB47ADBE5296E00006564271D0000], parentId [len=46, data=000000003C6CB08C6F36E04A9861917047605CC00100D439EA6B5AE3BB4FA439F2C8AED5465600000034F8F40000]


This issue can occur if the virtual folders in the Search Folders mailbox are corrupted. 


Reset Search Folders, and then restore the default views for the user's profile in Outlook. To do this, follow these steps: 
  1. Reset Search Folders in Outlook. To do this, click Start, click Run, type outlook.exe /cleanfinders, and then press Enter.

    Note This action deletes the Search Folders mailbox from the information store. 
  2. After the folders are updated, exit Outlook.
  3. Restore the default views in Outlook. To do this, click Start, click Run, type outlook.exe /cleanviews, and then press Enter.

    Note This action restores folder views to the default settings.
  4. After the folders are updated, exit Outlook.


To obtain the move request report and confirm this issue, you can run the following command while connected to Exchange Online PowerShell:

$stats = Get-MoveRequestStatistics –identity user@contoso.com -IncludeReport

$stats.Report.Failures | select -last 2

In the report, you will usually find keywords with the term “Search” in the DataContext section of the error,  such as “IDestinationFolder.SetSearchCriteria”, “Search Folder” etc. that will indicate that your issue is related to Search Folders / Finders.

To provide Microsoft Support with the move report for analysis, export it by using the following command:

Get-MoveRequestStatistics –identity user@contoso.com -IncludeReport -DiagnosticInfo showtimeslots | Export-CliXml <XML File Name and Path>

For more information, see Get-MoveRequestStatistics.

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