Information About Device Drivers for Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, and Windows Me


This article provides information about device drivers in Windows Millennium Edition (Me), Windows 98, and Windows 98 Second Edition. Device drivers are programs that regulate or control computer hardware. The information in this article may be useful if you have installed new hardware and find that it isn't functioning properly, or that your computer does not recognize it. These types of problems often relate to device drivers.

More Information

Verify That You Are Using the Correct Device Driver for Your Hardware

To verify that you are using the correct device driver for your hardware, check to see if your new hardware came with a device driver or other software. Note that your drivers and software are usually provided on a floppy disk, or a CD-ROM. Make sure you follow the directions to install the software or driver properly.

You Do Not Have a Device Driver for Your Hardware

If you do not have a device driver for your hardware or you did not receive software or drivers with your hardware, you must obtain and install the correct driver. Drivers are usually free, and are often readily available. To find information about drivers for your hardware, use one or more of the following methods.

  • Check the Web site of the manufacturer of your new hardware. Look for information about drivers, or about the product you purchased. Watch carefully for links to "drivers," and keep specific information about your new product, such as model numbers, handy while you look.
  • The following Microsoft Windows Update Web site may have the drivers you need:

    When you view the Windows Update Web site, click Product Updates, and then click Device Drivers.

    IMPORTANT: The Windows Update Web site scans your computer to see what you have installed. It may ask you to download software onto your computer to facilitate this process. The safety and privacy of your computer information is protected during this scan, and none of your personal information is sent to Microsoft.
  • Contact the manufacturer of your hardware to inquire about the availability of a driver for your hardware, and to help determine if your hardware issue is caused by a missing driver.

List of Third-Party Web Sites

If your hardware is made by one of the following manufacturers, you may be able to find a driver on their Web site:

ATI Technologies, Inc.

Belkin Components

Cirrus Logic Inc.

Dell Computer Corporation

Digi International



Intel Corporation


NEC Corporation

Sony Corporation

Tally Computer Printers

Texas Instruments

3COM Corporation


U.S. Robotics