Errors when you use the "Customize in Access" function to open an Access app in Access 2013


When you try to use the Customize in Access function to open an Access app on a Microsoft SharePoint server in Microsoft Access 2013, you receive one of the following error messages:
  • An error occurred in the client while attempting to communicate with the server 'https://<app name>'.
  • A problem occurred while Microsoft Access was communicating with the OLE server or ActiveX control, Close the OLE Server and restart it outside of Microsoft Access.


Access 2013 uses a local database to cache server objects so that it does not have to download them every time that it encounters them. This issue may occur if the local database cannot synchronize the objects successfully between the SharePoint server and the local database.


To resolve this issue, rename the local cached database for the Access app, and then open the Access app in the client by using the Customize in Access function so that the database will be re-created. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Move to the following location:
  3. Locate the local cached database for the Access app.

    Note The file is in the form <appname on server>.accdb.
  4. Rename the existing cached database to <appname on server>_OLD.accdb.
  5. In Internet Explorer, open the Access app on the SharePoint server.
  6. Run the Customize in Access function to open the Access app in Access 2013.

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