How to add bank details for Azure Incentives


This article provides clarification on how to add bank details and assign the payment profile to an Incentive program in Channel Incentives Platform (CHIP).

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In order to receive the Azure Incentives through wire transfer or bank transfer the Partner needs to have the bank details registered in CHIP and a Payment Profile active.

The procedure to register the bank details in CHIP is:

- Go to Channel Incentives Platformpage 

- On the top right of the page you will find a box called I Need To
- On the menu on the Dashboard screen, click on Manager Company Profile

- In the page displayed, select the Payment Profile Tab at the top and then click on the option Add New Payment Profile

- In the page displayed, add the Payment Profile details:

o    Enter a reference name (please use only English characters)

o    Select an Account Location

o    Select an Account Type (wire transfer or bank transfer in US and Canada, wire transfer elsewhere)

o    Check that the correct Currency is applied

o    Click Next.

In the page displayed, complete the In the page displayed, complete the In the page displayed, complete the In the page displayed, complete the Validation Profile, to complete the validation profile, enter either:

o    the IBAN or

o    the transit routing number (sort code) and the account number

o    Click Validate.

IMPORTANT: An Error message will be displayed if incorrect details provided.

Note: In case of wire transfer for:

- LATAM, JAPAN, CHINA or TAIWAN, please enter BIC number

- APAC, HONG KONG, please enter IBAN or BSB number and bank account number

- INDIA, please enter IBAN or IFSC code and bank account number. 

- In the page displayed, complete the Transfer Details by entering the transfer details such as beneficiary information (name, address and etc.)

- Bank information will be pre-populated from the validation step but you will need to enter Company Tax Information and Correspondent Account Information, if necessary. Finally, select Add Account.

- The next step is to assign the payment profile to an incentive program. To do this choose the incentive program (if more than one)

- Choose a payment profile from the drop down menu (if more than one available)

- Click Save to assign the profile (IMPORTANT: If you do not select the payment profile and save the assigned profile, the payment will not be received)

- Confirm the payment profile has been fully activated (you will know it is confirmed if you should have the option Edit or Deactivate).

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