Cloud Platform System 1.0 Update 2



Disaster recovery to Azure Public Cloud
Before Cloud Platform System (CPS) 1.0 Update 2, offering disaster recovery to tenants through Azure Site Recovery (ASR) required a minimum of two CPS stamps, and this increases costs. After you install Update 2, you can use Microsoft Azure as the recovery site. This requires fewer configuration steps for CPS administrators who create and publish Azure Pack plans that include disaster recovery. If disasters affect the primary CPS stamp, workloads can be temporarily moved to Azure by a simple click. This lets CPS customers avoid the expense of acquiring and managing a second CPS stamp for recovery. 

CPS has been evaluated for compliance with the most current FedRAMP moderate baseline. Customers seeking FedRAMP certification can now use a precompiled System Security Plan (SSP) template and a Customer Responsibility Matrix (CRM). The SSP and CRM help streamline parts of the FedRAMP authorization process, providing CPS customers an easy way to understand their compliance levels when they are deploying services to internal or tenant users who require FedRAMP compliance. The SSP and CRM can increase confidence that with CPS, your IT infrastructure can be certified for FedRAMP with a significant reduction in the time, cost, and resources that are required by the process.

BitLocker drive encryption
Customers who seek stronger security for their data at rest can now encrypt management, tenant, and backup data in CPS by configuring BitLocker Drive Encryption. For more information, see

Off-stamp backup
Before Update 2, CPS backup allowed customers to back up tenant VMs to disk and retain them for a week, which gave them time to perform operational recovery. However, this solution does not provide for scenarios such as offsite backup or long-term retention. As part of CPS Update 2, customers can now deploy Data Protection Manager (DPM) servers either onsite or offsite, outside CPS. They can back up tenant VMs to secondary DPM servers. By using secondary DPM servers, customers can have an offsite, backed-up copy on disk or on tape for long-term retention. Off-stamp backup lets customers more easily meet tenant backup requirements, such as offsite backup copies or long-term retention for their VMs.

Updates for System Center 2012 R2
System Center 2012 R2 Data Protection Manager Update Rollup 7
System Center 2012 R2 Orchestrator - Service Management Automation Update Rollup 7
System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager Update Rollup 6
System Center 2012 R2 Orchestrator - Service Provider Foundation Update Rollup 6
System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager Update Rollup 7

Updates for Windows Azure Pack
Update Rollup 7.1 for Windows Azure Pack

Updates for Windows Server 2012 R2
MS15-011: Vulnerability in Group Policy could allow remote code execution: February 10, 2015:
Performance regressing in Hyper-V guest system in Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows 8.1:
Update to add support for Generic Routing Encapsulation in Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2:
Shared Hyper-V virtual disk is inaccessible when it's located in Storage Spaces on a Windows Server 2012 R2-based computer:
MS15-021: Vulnerabilities in Adobe font driver could allow remote code execution: March 10, 2015:
MS15-020: Description of the security update for Windows text services: March 10, 2015:
MS15-020: Description of the security update for Windows shell: March 10, 2015:
MS15-034: Vulnerability in HTTP.sys could allow remote code execution: April 14, 2015:
"STATUS_PURGE_FAILED" error when you perform VM replications by using SCVMM in Windows Server 2012 R2
MS15-044 and MS15-051: Description of the security update for Windows font drivers:
MS15-068: Description of the security update for Windows Hyper-V: July 14, 2015:
Hyper-V cluster unnecessarily recovers the virtual machine resources in Windows Server 2012 R2:
Possible performance degradation updating very large de-duplicated files
MS15-078: Vulnerability in Microsoft font driver could allow remote code execution: July 16, 2015:
"The URL cannot be resolved" error in DirectAccess and routing failure on HNV gateway cluster in Windows Server 2012 R2 -
Tenant VMs lose network connectivity if NAT gateway VM exhausts all TCP/IP ephemeral ports in Windows Server 2012 R2:

Hardware updates
Firmware and driver updates have been incorporated in the Microsoft Patch and Update Framework (P&U) for this release. As part of the P&U process, every node is updated to have the most current, tested version of firmware or drivers to help ensure optimal system performance. After P&U applies software, firmware, and driver updates, it restarts CPS nodes when restarts are required.

The following is a list of automated firmware updates that are applied as part of CPS 1.0 Update 2: 

PlatformComponentTypePrevious version Updated version Updated by P&U
C6220Mellanox ConnectX-3 PRO (10Gb Mezz)Driver4.84.8No
C6220Chelsio T420-CRDriverPackage, Driver, Driver
C6220BIOSFirmware DUP2.
C6220BMCFirmware DUP2.572.59Yes
C6220 IIMellanox ConnectX-3 PRO (10Gb Mezz)Driver4.84.8No
Force10Active Fabric Manager (AFM)Tools-DeploymentAFM-CPS-
C6220 IIChelsio T520-CRDriverPackage, Driver, Driver
C6220 IIBIOSFirmware DUP2.
C6220 IIBMCFirmware DUP2.572.59Yes
C6000 ChassisFan Control BoardFirmware DUP1.241.25No
MD3060eHGST Ultrastar 7K4000FirmwareW1CGW1CGNo
MD3060eSeagate 529FGFirmwareGS0DGS0DNo
MD3060eSanDisk LB 806MFirmwareD326D326No
MD3060eToshiba SSD TC2MHFirmwareA3ACA3ACNo
MD3060eSanDisk SDLTODKM-800GFirmwareD40TD40TNo
R620LSI 9207-8e (Dell Part # 4G89X)Driver2.
R620Chelsio T420-CRDriverPackage Driver, Driver
R620LSI 9207-8e (Dell Part # 4G89X)FirmwareP18P20Yes
R620BIOSFirmware DUP2.
R620iDRAC7Firmware DUP1.57.572.15.10.10 Yes
R620Intel X520 (10Gb NDC)Firmware DUP15.0.2816.5.20Yes
R620PERC H310Firmware DUP20.13.0-000720.13.1-0002Yes
R620 v2LSI 9207-8e (Dell Part # 4G89X)Driver2.
R620 v2Chelsio T520-CRDriverPackage Driver, Driver
R620 v2LSI 9207-8e (Dell Part # 4G89X)FirmwareP18P20Yes
R620 v2BIOSFirmware DUP2.
R620 v2iDRAC7Firmware DUP1.57.572.15.10.10 Yes
R620 v2Intel X520 (10Gb NDC)Firmware DUP15.0.2816.5.20Yes
R620 v2PERC H310Firmware DUP20.13.0-000720.13.1-0002Yes
R630LSI 9207-8e (Dell Part # 4G89X)FirmwareP18P20Yes
R630BIOSFirmware DUP1.
R630iDRAC7Firmware DUP2. Yes
R630LifeCycle Controller2Firmware DUP2. Yes
R630Intel X520 (10Gb NDC)Firmware DUP16.0.2416.5.20Yes
R630PERC H330Firmware DUP25.2.1.003725.3.0.0016Yes
R630Toshiba Phoenix M2 MU P/N K41XJFirmware DUPA3AC A3AEYes
R630Intel S3610 P/N 3481GFirmware DUPDL22DL22Yes
T520-CRChelsio T5 FirmwareFirmware1.
T520-CRChelsio T5 FirmwareFirmware1.


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