SharePoint 2013: Cannot apply a Hold to a site from eDiscovery Center on a nondefault zone URL


Consider the following scenarios in eDiscovery Center.

Scenario 1

After a search crawl is performed within the default zone URL, you search for a URL that originated from an extended zone instead of the default zone. However, there is no URL in the crawl logs that matches your search. Additionally, you receive the following error message: 

Site cannot be found

Scenario 2

A document export from an eDiscovery site fails.

Scenario 3

As a compliance manager, you try to put a document on hold in eDiscovery Center by using an Extended Zone URL. However, you receive the following error message:

Site cannot be found.


This behavior occurs because the eDiscovery Center does not look for alternative URLs when a search request is issued from a nondefault zone such as Search Center. 


To work around this behavior, put an eDiscovery Hold on an SSL URL. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. If there is a load balancer in the environment, configure the default zone to have SSL termination (SSL offloading) on the load balancer.
  2. Extend the site to the non-default zone port 8080.
  3. Configure the crawler to crawl the site on port 8080.
  4. Add Server Name Mapping from port 8080 to port 443 in the Search Service Application.
  5. Crawl the site.
  6. Add an eDiscovery Hold on the SSL URL.


This behavior is by design.

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