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Joint Sell Fee

The Joint Sell incentive is eligible for new revenue only.

On-Time Renewal

Partners are eligible to earn the incentive when the renewal is received and accepted as valid by the Regional Operations Center (“ROC”) on or prior to the Agreement End Date of the expiring agreement. In order to be paid the on-time renewal lever, the transacting partner on the renewal must also be the POR on the expiring enrollment, and the agreement must be renewed for a minimum of 24 months. Public Sector EAs are not subject to the Partner of Record rule. The submitted agreement must have been deemed valid by the ROC in order for the Partner to be paid the On-Time Renewal incentive.

On-Time True-Up

The On-Time True-Up incentive is paid on the billed revenue for On-Time and Early True-Up orders.

The On-Time True-Up incentive is eligible for True-Up orders that are submitted within following timeframes:

·         For an updated EA, True-Up orders must be received no less than 30 days prior to the anniversary date

·         For the prior version of the EA, the True-Up order must be received no later than 15 days after the Enrollment anniversary date

Partners are required to submit Year 3 True-Up orders within the 30 days period prior to expiration.

Account Services

Account Services is paid on all transactions to recognize the continued volume licensing management efforts undertaken by the Partner.

Partners are required to maintain POE supporting account management activities internally, but that documentation does not need to be provided unless an LSP review occurs.

The Account Services Incentives are eligible for all transactions under PO types BEC, TUP and NE for both New and Renew enrollments over the duration of the enrollment.

Failing to meet the compliance criteria will be penalized on the Account Services incentive for Year 1 transaction under BEC PO types. Transactions under TUP and NE PO types are not subject to compliance, and as such will automatically qualify.

Additional Products

In order to reward the selling effort the partner in the course of the EA, Microsoft added the Additional Products incentive. The Additional Products incentive rewards partners for sales of Additional Products during the course of an EA. To earn this incentive, Additional Products sales must be processed as order type New (“NE”). Sales of Enterprise Products are not eligible to earn this incentive, as they are processed as order type “BEC”. Any supplemental BEC will not be included in the qualifying revenue.

There are no specific compliance requirements to earn this lever and all eligible transactions will automatically qualify.

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