List View Web Parts that are cascadingly connected aren't refreshed during filtering


Consider the following scenario:
  • You configure three lists: List A, List B, and List C.
  • In List B and List C, you have a lookup column that retrieves the data from the "parent" list. For example:

    List A - column 1: simple line of text
    List B - column 2: lookup to List A – get data from column 1
    List C - column 3: lookup to List B – get data from column 2
  • You populate the lists with elements.
  • You add the three List View Web Parts to the same page and connect them as follows:

    List 1: provides a row of data to List 2
    List 2: gets filtering data from List 1 - Consumer - Column 2, Provider Column 1
    List 2: provides a row of data to List 3
    List 3: gets filtering data from List 2 - Consumer Column 3 - Provider Column 2
  • After you save the page, you click one item in the List A Web Part.

In this scenario, the List B Web Part is automatically filtered. List C is not filtered. Clicking an item in List B triggers filtering in List C.


Under the current circumstances the product behaves as expected.

Per the guidance at Overview of Web Part connections, the connections between Web Parts are restricted to one Web Part that provides the data and one or more Web Parts that consume the data and react accordingly. By performing an action on the parent Web Part, you start a refresh in the consuming Web Parts.

In a scenario where Web Part 1 provides data to Web Part 2, which in turn provides data to Web Part 3, the automated refresh of Web Part 3 is not supported.


For all the Web Parts to be refreshed, two events must occur on the page:
  • Action 1: Click Web Part 1. This refreshes Web Part 2.
  • Action 2: Click Web Part 2. This refreshes Web Part 3.

To refresh all the Web Parts with only one click, you can change the lookup strategy so that Web Part 1 will provide data to both Web Part 2 and Web Part 3, as follows:

List A has the following columns: Title, Column 1, and Column 2
List B has the following columns: Title and Lookup_Column 1
List C has the following columns: Title and Lookup_Column 2

Then, on the page, set up the connections accordingly.

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