KB3082561 - Cumulative Update 8 for SQL Server 2012 SP2

Applies to: SQL Server 2012 DeveloperSQL Server 2012 EnterpriseSQL Server 2012 Express

This article describes cumulative update package 8 (Build number: 11.0.5634.1) for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 2 (SP2). This update contains hotfixes for issues that were fixed after the release of SQL Server 2012 SP2.

How to obtain this cumulative update package

Click "Hotfix Download Available" at the top of this Knowledge Base article. If the "Hotfix Request" page doesn't appear, contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support to get the cumulative update package.

Known issue

Assume that you are using SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services that is integrated in SharePoint 2010. When you use the web part to visualize a specified report. Randomly, the web part gets blank and the report is not showed, if the page is refreshed it works as expected and the report is rendered. This issue occurs when you use Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 9, Internet Explorer 11, and at third-party navigators.

To resolve this issue, apply Cumulative Update 11 for SQL Server 2012 SP2  or Cumulative Update 3 for SQL Server 2012 SP3 .

Hotfixes that are included in this cumulative update package

VSTS bug numberKB article numberDescriptionFix area
50200903081074 FIX: A stalled dispatcher system dump forces a failover and service outage in SQL Server 2014 or SQL Server 2012 High Availability
48120023082877FIX: No error is prompted when connection is terminated in sqlcmd SQL service
50514323080209FIX: Error 602 when you run a stored procedure repeatedly in SQL Server 2012 SQL performance
51379143087094FIX: It takes longer time than expected when you run query with non-admin user role in SSAS 2012 in Tabular model Analysis Services
49331773087114FIX: PowerPivot for SharePoint doesn't run automatic data refresh on the first day of each month Analysis Services
54698663087920FIX: Excel crashes when you use Excel 2010 on a computer that has the .NET Framework 4.6 installed Analysis Services
51530463088480FIX: Data spill occurs when you sort large amount of data in SQL Server 2012 SQL performance
51611113080856FIX: Information disclosure when you create session cube by using dynamic role-based security in SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services
51731423081150FIX: Orientation setting is lost when you export a report to a Word document in SSRS 2012 Reporting Services
55102593089527FIX: FileStream Share Access fails when you use AlwaysOn Availability Groups feature in SQL Server 2012 High Availability
54848353089687FIX: Can't export empty Tablix header in CSV file when NoHeader is false in SSRS 2012 Reporting Services
50673313090049FIX: Transparent Data Encryption certificate can't be created in SQL Server 2012 SQL security
42590673054180FIX: It may take longer than expected to create a SQL Server LineString instance in SQL Server 2014 SP1 SQL service
50471543077273FIX: Rare incorrect result occurs when you run parallel query in SQL Server 2012 SQL service
50382533092702FIX: It takes a longer time than earlier versions of SQL Server when you run DBCC CHECKDB in SQL Server 2012 SQL service
51745103092703FIX: Access violation occurs in AlwaysOn availability groups scenarios in SQL Server 2012 SQL performance
55350013087872FIX: Access violations when you use the FileTable feature in SQL Server 2012 SQL service
50781543081580FIX: "String or binary data would be truncated" error when you use peer-to-peer replication in SQL Server 2012 SQL service
55864743074434FIX: Out of memory error when the virtual address space of the SQL Server process is very low on available memory SQL service
55021353093869FIX: SQLDiag fails with function 87 error in SQL AlwaysOn scenario where the server name has 15 characters Management Tools
50143183088307FIX: Scheduler deadlock on primary replica when you remove a replica from an AlwaysOn availability group in SQL Server 2012 High Availability
51279843091643FIX: Error occurs when you configure SQL Server replication or set up a linked server in SQL Server 2012 SQL security
44842453095156FIX: Error 9002 and error 3052 when you try to add or back up log file in SQL Server 2012 High Availability

Notes for this update

Cumulative update

  • We recommend that you test hotfixes before you deploy them in a production environment.
  • We recommend that you apply the most recent update release .
    • This cumulative package is intended to correct only the problems that are described in this article. Apply it only to systems that are experiencing these specific problems.
    • The most recent update release contains all the hotfixes and all the updates that were included with the previous SQL Server 2012 update release.
  • We recommend that you upgrade your SQL Server to the latest SQL Server 2012 service pack .

Hybrid environments deployment

When you deploy the hotfixes to a hybrid environment (Such as AlwaysOn, replication, cluster, mirroring, and cluster), we recommend that you go and refer to the following articles before you deploy them:

Cumulative update package information


To apply this cumulative update package, you must be running SQL Server 2012 SP2.

Restart information

You may have to restart the computer after you apply this cumulative update package.

Registry information

To use one of the hotfixes in this package, you don't have to make any changes to the registry.