How to troubleshoot script errors in Internet Explorer

Applies to: Internet Explorer 11Internet Explorer 10Internet Explorer 9


When you receive script errors, webpages may not be displayed or work correctly in Internet Explorer.
When script errors occur in Internet Explorer, you may receive error messages that resemble the following:

If you click Show Details, you may see details about the error that resemble the following:

The following warning message may also appear in the Internet Explorer Status bar:

This problem occurs because the HTML source code for the webpage does not work correctly with client-side script such as Microsoft JScript or Microsoft Visual Basic script. This problem may occur for one or more of the following reasons:

  • A problem exists in the HTML source code of the webpage.
  • The web page is using newer technologies that are not supported by Internet explorer.
  • The web page is using client side visual basic script - that is deprecated.
  • Active scripting, ActiveX controls, or Java programs are blocked on your computer or on the network. Internet Explorer or another program, such as antivirus programs or firewalls, can be configured to block Active scripting, ActiveX controls, or Java programs.
  • Antivirus software is configured to scan your "Temporary Internet Files" or "Downloaded Program Files" folders.
  • Internet-related folders on your computer are corrupted.
  • Your video card drivers are corrupted or outdated.

Note Server-side scripts such as Visual Basic scripts in Active Server Pages (ASP) run on a web server. Script errors that occur because of server-side script failures do not produce error messages in Internet Explorer, but they may create a webpage that does not display or work correctly. The troubleshooting information in this article applies to client-side script errors. Contact the administrator of the web server if you suspect that a problem affects a server-side script.

The methods listed in this article may help you troubleshoot the script errors that are caused by files or settings on your computer. For quick visual instructions, watch this video:

Video: How to troubleshoot script errors in Internet Explorer

Additionally, to resolve script errors that occur when you try to print from Internet Explorer, click here.


Note Microsoft encourages you update your system with the latest windows update available.
For more information review Windows Update: FAQ
Step 1: Make sure that script errors occur on multiple webpages
If the only sign of this problem is the error message, and if the websites are working, you can probably ignore the error. Also, if the problem occurs on one or two webpages, the problem may be caused by those pages. If you decide to ignore the errors, you can disable script debugging. To do this, select the Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer) checkbox in the Internet Options -> Advanced -> Browsing settings

Note If this problem occurs on more than one or two sites, do not disable script debugging.
Step 2: Make sure that the problem is caused by files or settings on your computer
To narrow down the source of the problem, use another user account, another browser, or another computer to view the webpages that triggered the script error.

If the script error does not occur when you view the webpage through another user account, in another browser, or on another computer, the problem may be caused by files or settings on your computer. In this situation, follow the methods in this article to resolve this problem:
After you complete each method, try to open a webpage on which you previously received a scripting error. If you do not receive the error, the problem is resolved.

More Information

Troubleshooting Script Errors when printing from Internet Explorer

If you try to print a webpage in Internet Explorer, you may receive a script error that resembles the following:

Generally, outdated printer drivers can cause problems when you print from Internet Explorer. To resolve these problems, try updating to the latest printer driver for your printer.

To resolve this issue, follow the steps in Fix printer problems in Windows to check your printer and update the printer driver.
Important In some cases, an updated version of the driver may not be available through Windows Update. You may have to visit the manufacturer's website to locate and download the latest printer driver for your printer.

Additionally, if you cannot print or preview a webpage in Internet Explorer, see Unable to print or view the print preview of a webpage in Internet Explorer.


Also, if you experience this issue in Internet Explorer 9, try the methods in You receive a script error and are unable to print from Internet Explorer 9.