Disputing Incentives Azure Online


This article provides information on disputing incentives from Azure Online Incentives.

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If partners find a discrepancy with their incentive payouts, then they can follow the processes below:

Within 30 days:

In order to dispute a payment, the partner must notify the Microsoft Support team or the regional Operations Center of the dispute following the standard process within 30 days of the payment being executed.

Once the payment has been disputed, the partner and Microsoft will immediately begin the process of resolving the dispute, making every effort to resolve all disputes within 30 days of the original statement or report date. In the event that a dispute cannot be resolved within 30 days, Microsoft may elect to extend the 30 day window, provided that the partner has demonstrated progress toward a resolution. A partner cannot extend the 30 day window unless there has been demonstrated progress toward a resolution.

More than 30 days:

Disputes must be received within 30 days of the payment being executed.

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