How can a Partner retrieve Payment details\fee statements from CHIP for Microsoft Azure


This article summarizes the steps on how an Online Azure Partner can Access CHIP and retrieve Payment details or Fee statement details.

More Information

In a continuous effort to improve our self-help channels for Partners, we present you the steps on how to check your payment details\Fee Statements from CHIP.

1.    Access CHIP with your credentials. If you do not have your credentials, you can escalate the access to your CHIP administrator and get access restored\provided.

.       CHIP Interface navigation:

-          Partner Name\MPN Id: Name of the Partner (Microsoft Partner ID).

-          Period Selection: Select the period for which you would like to get the report.

-          Transaction Payment ID: Reference number to your payment. This is very important for future references, and to contact support.

3. Select the period of the payments\earnings you would like to review.

4. Select the report you want to download. I recommend you download the “Earning Details” report.      

5. Click on the “Export to Excel” option in order to download the information.

6. Navigate through the report which will have the following interface:       


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