Azure top asked questions related to Incentives payment


This article summarizes the key guidelines related to Azure incentives payments and post payment. 

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In a continuous effort to provide you with clear and concise self-help articles for your Microsoft Incentives, we present to you a detailed list of guidelines needed to cover your basic-general questions related to Azure incentives payments. We will divide this article into three major topics related to your Azure payments:

1.       Banking\Tax information: In order to avoid delays on your payments it is of ultimate importance that all your bank and tax information is up to date. Refer yourself to the following article for this information: Hyperlink:  

2.       Azure Opportunities payment guidelines:
-Microsoft’s Partner Incentive Opportunity Management Team (PIOMT) has validated the incentive opportunity and moved the sales stage to 100%.

-No identical Subscription ID has previously been approved for an Incentive Payment for another Partner.

-The Subscription ID entered in PSX has been verified as valid by Microsoft, and it shows as “approved” on the status field.

-Once an Opportunity is advanced to 100% Sales Stage in PSXand a confirmed Subscription ID is in place, Microsoft will monitor the Subscription Account beginning the month the incentive is approved. Microsoft will calculate the consumption from the month the incentive has moved to the “Approved” status.  

-The Microsoft Azure Incentive will be calculated against the current Azure Incentive rate of the monthly utilization per subscription for Azure services.

3.       Minimum Threshold:

Once the Partner’s cumulative Microsoft Azure Incentive earnings exceeds $200 USD (or Partner country billing currency equivalent) and is within the targeted payment disbursement date – see screenshot below, Microsoft will initiate the payment process. This is a cumulative total payment. If the accrued payment to a Partner is less than $200 USD (or Partner country billing currency equivalent) at the end of the FY15 Microsoft Azure Incentive period, that amount will be paid by October 31 2015 as part of the final payment cycle for the FY15 Microsoft Azure Incentive.

Payment Schedule: Page 11 of the Azure Implementation Guide.

Note: In the event Microsoft is not able to pay a partner because the partner has not provided the necessary information (for example, missing tax forms, invoices, incomplete bank details, etc.), Microsoft will use commercially reasonable efforts to work with the partner to resolve the issue.  If the partner fails to remedy the issue within 180 days after the first payment attempt, the partner payment will be forfeited.


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