A workflow in SharePoint Server is automatically canceled in Office 365 dedicated

Note This Knowledge Base article applies only to out-of-box (OOB) workflows.


When an out-of-box workflow is started, it's automatically canceled by the system account in Microsoft Office 365 dedicated. 

Figure 1 shows a workflows that was started but was automatically canceled. You can see this in the Status column.

A screenshot of the workflows that's started but is automatically canceled
Figure 1

Figure 2 shows the history entry for one of the canceled workflows. Notice that the Event Type column displays "Error" and that the Outcome column displays "Access Denied."

A screenshot of the history entry for one of the canceled workflows
Figure 2


This is a known issue.


To fix this issue, follow these steps: 
  1. Go to the affected SharePoint site. 
  2. Click Site Actions, and then click Site Settings.
  3. If the affected site is a subsite instead of a top-level site, click Go to Top Level Site Settings in the Site Collection Administration section. 
  4. Click Site Collection Features.
  5. Deactivate the Workflow feature.
  6. In SharePoint Designer, open the root of the site collection.
  7. Go to Workflows.
  8. In the list of workflows, click the workflow in question.
  9. On the WORKFLOW SETTINGS tab on the ribbon, select Publish.
  10. Confirm that the workflow is functioning as expected.
If you continue to experience this issue, contact support.


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