Vault registration fails with "already registered" error in Azure Site Recovery


The Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Registration Wizard may fail on the Vault Settings page, and you receive an error message that resembles the following:
Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Provider Setup
The DRA server is already registered in vault . Either select the registration key associated with this vault, or unregister the server from and then register it with a different vault.
Note the space after the word "vault." In some cases, you may see the name of a previously registered vault. For example, you may see the following: 
The DRA server is already registered in vault contosovault01.


This error may occur if you are reinstalling the Azure Site Recovery (ASR) provider and agent on a Hyper-V server that was previously registered to another vault.


To fix this error and enable the ASR Provider and agent setup to complete successfully, follow these steps:
  1. Cancel the current installation.
  2. Make a backup of the following registry key:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Azure Site Recovery
  3. Delete the registry key that you backed up in step 2.
  4. Restart the Provider and agent setup.

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