System will show "There was a problem resetting your PC" when you reset from USB HDD in two HDDs SKU


This failure only occurs if the following conditions are all true:
  • A customizations PPKG must be present on the HDD
  • The installed customizations and the PPK must be single-instanced
  • The recovery media must be created using "Create a recovery drive" and is BMR-capable (i.e. "Copy system files to the recovery drive" checkbox is selected)
  • Reset (not BMR) must be initiated by booting from the recovery media and selecting "Troubleshoot" -> "Reset this PC" -> "Remove everything"
While it is not ideal, there's a fairly simple solution for customers who hit this issue. Since the recovery media is BMR-capable, customers can initiate BMR by selecting "Troubleshoot" -> "Recover from a drive."

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