Microsoft Social Engagement 2015 Update 1.2

Applies to: Microsoft Social Engagement


Microsoft Social Engagement 2015 Update 1.2 is ready and will be released in October 2015. This article describes the features, fixes, and other changes that are included in this update.

New features introduced in Microsoft Social Engagement 2015 Update 1.2

Update 1.2 introduces the following features: 
  • Create records in Dynamics CRM from a post in Social Engagement 
    Admins can now connect one or more Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online instance with their organization’s Social Engagement solution to create social activities and records in CRM from a post in Social Engagement. With the new capabilities, increase efficiency of your sales, marketing, and service teams, by creating rules for automatic conversions of social activity to any system or custom record in CRM. You'll be able to create or update one or more records from a single social activity, and can provide additional information to define conditions in the conversion rules. 
  • Adaptive learning for an organization’s sentiment calculations
    This feature is being rolled out to customers in phases over the coming weeks to ensure a smooth upgrade experience. Once rolled out, customers will receive an email notification and they will find a new page in the Settings area (Settings > Global Settings > Sentiment) when the solution was upgraded to adaptive learning.  
    The sentiment algorithm is now capable of learning from edits to sentiment values. You can turn on the adaptive learning by navigating to Settings > Global Settings > Sentiment, once the feature was enabled for your solution. You can turn it off at any time when you’re satisfied with the quality level of your sentiment. You can also reset all edited sentiment values to the default base model for sentiment detection. The sentiment algorithm builds a dedicated model based on the users’ inputs for each organization individually.
  • New sentiment and app languages introduced
    The application interface and sentiment calculation are now available for Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, and Swedish besides the already available languages for the application interface and sentiment calculation. For more information about the languages that Social Engagement is translated into, see the Microsoft Social Engagement Translation Guide.
  • Mobile-friendly settings and alerts
    The Settings and Alerts areas are updated to enrich the experience for mobile devices and tablets.
  • Social profiles moved to personal settings area
    You can now manage your social profiles by navigating to Settings > Personal Settings > Social Profiles.

    For help about the newly released features, please see Microsoft Social Engagement Help & Training.

Issues that are resolved in Microsoft Social Engagement 2015 Update 1.2

Update 1.2 addresses the following issues: 
  • Fixed issues with incorrect drill down behavior of maps in Analytics when clicking on a cluster pin after zooming in.
  • Navigating the application with the navigation bar now resets the selected filters of the previous page.
  • When replying to a Facebook post or Tweet, users now see the profile picture of their selected social profile.
  • To avoid visual noise, “Assignee” and “Status” labels are now only displayed on hover state when using a touch-supporting Laptop or Desktop device.
  • Improved touch controls of pins in Analytics maps and Activity maps.
  • Introduced custom scroll bars to settings area to provide a consistent user-experience.
  • Fixed an issue in Alerts configuration triggering additional browser scrollbars being displayed.
  • Fixed an incorrect state of save button when saving a stream in Social Center
  • Improved the feedback message when editing sentiment on multiple posts through bulk edit.
  • Improved the feedback message when editing sentiment value of a single post through bulk edit.
  • Improved the feedback message when saving a user account for the second time in user management.
  • Corrected layout of feedback message when no posts are found in the post list with Safari browser.
  • Updated tooltips on Sentiment widgets to display values with one decimal.
  • When using Social Engagement in dark theme, tooltips on pie charts are now displayed correctly.
  • Improved alignment of App Switcher control in the navigation bar.
  • Fixed layout issue on overlapping controls when zooming in on Activity maps.
  • Adjusted alignment of bulk action controls in Authors full view widget.
  • When opening an owned social profile in personal settings, the search field to select users for sharing actions is now properly displayed.
  • Fixed issue with overlapping scrollbars on in Analytics and Social Center to display labels correctly.
  • Fixed issue with overlapping content on stream configuration in non-English languages.
  • Top node “All Search topics” is now properly localized in all languages.
  • Role names “Administrator” and “Manager” are now localized in all languages.
  • Month names are now localized in quota graph in Search Setup.
  • Improved readability of feedback messages in settings when using dark theme.
  • Fixed issue with truncated page titles in Navigation Bar.
  • Fixed issue with truncated labels on delete buttons in Settings.