How to troubleshoot CHIP access


This article provides instructions on how to troubleshoot CHIP access

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In you encounter issues while logging in to CHIP, simply follow the troubleshooting steps below.

1. Generally, it is ok to open Internet Explorer in Normal mode, although it is highly suggested to use In Private mode especially for first time users. To do this, simply right click the Internet Explorer icon and choose this Start InPrivate Browsing.

2. Close all browsing windows when logging into the CHIP system for the first time.

3. Cookies and browsing history are all cleared—refer to steps below.
a. Open Internet Explorer.

b. Click on Tools and select Internet Options.

c. On the General Tab, click Delete button.

d. Identify your Internet Explorer version, and depending on the version perform the applicable steps.
· Internet Explorer 6: Click Delete Cookies, and then Delete Files button.

· Internet Explorer 7: Click Delete All, and hit the Yes button.

· Internet Explorer 8-9: Uncheck Preserve Favorites website data option, then tick Temporary Internet Files, then tick Cookies, then Passwords, and then click Delete button.

4. Verify that the CHIP URL is correct—

5. In the browser’s Address tab, enter the CHIP URL, and hit Enter.

6. On the CHIP log-in page, enter your Windows Live ID credentials.

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