How to disable telemetry for Service Management Automation, Service Provider Foundation, and Service Manager Self-Serve Portal


Service Management Automation (SMA), Service Provider Foundation (SPF), and Service Manager Self-Serve Portal send diagnostic and connectivity data to Microsoft based on the users selection.

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Microsoft automatically collects diagnostics and connectivity data over the Internet (data). Microsoft uses this data to provide and improve the quality, security and integrity of Microsoft products and services. For example, we analyze performance and reliability such as what features that you use, how quickly the features respond, device performance, user interface interactions and any problems that you experience with the product. Data also includes information about the configuration of your software such as the software version that you are currently running and your IP address.

By default this feature is enabled however administrators can turn off this feature at any time. To disable sharing usage and connectivity data in SMA, follow these steps:
  1. Import the SMA PowerShell module in your deployment.
  2. Run the following PowerShell cmdlet to disable the sharing of usage and connectivity data in Service Management Automation (SMA):
    Set-SmaAdminConfiguration -WebServiceEndpoint <String> [-AuthenticationType <String>] -Telemetry $false
To disable sharing usage and connectivity data in Service Provider Foundation (SPF), set the value of the "DiagnosticAndUsageDataEnabled" registry subkey under "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Service Provider Foundation" on the SPF server to 0.

To disable sharing diagnostics and usage data in Service Manager Self-Serve Portal, set the EnableTelemetry key in web.config to False. For more information, see the “Customize the Self Service Portal” section in the following TechNet article:

Applies to

This article applies to the following:
  • Microsoft System Center 2016 Technical Preview 4