Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2015 Update 1.2


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2015 Update 1.2 is now available. This article describes the features, fixes, and other changes that were included in this update.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2015 Update 1.2 build information

To determine whether your organization has this update applied, please check your Microsoft Dynamics Marketing build by clicking the "gear" icon in the upper-right corner of the application and choosing "About". The "Version" value listed on this page should be at or above 18.2.X.0 and the "Database version" value listed on this page should be at or above

For the latest downloadable files related to Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, please visit the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2015 - Resources for Download page.

New features introduced in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2015 Update 1.2

Update 1.2 introduces the following features: 
  • Improved Lead and Contact Imports: When you import leads or contacts, the import engine is now better at identifying existing company and contact records referenced in the import file and relating these to the newly imported entities. This means that imported leads will now be linked to the existing contacts and companies they apply to, while imported contacts can now be linked to the existing companies they work for. In cases where no existing contact or company is found, the import engine instead creates new records as needed. The import engine is also now able to identify and remove duplicate records that occur within incoming files.
  • Silverlight Features Also Available as HTML5: In previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, nearly all of the digital asset management features relied on Microsoft Silverlight technology to create the user interface. However, Silverlight is now being phased out of the market, and the newest versions of some Web browsers already cannot run it. The features that used to rely on Silverlight are in the process of being replicated in HTML5, with the HTML5 versions being phased in over the next few releases.

    For Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2015 Update 1.2, the file browser and file-upload features are available in both Silverlight and HTML5 versions, so these will work in all Web browsers, with the best-supported interface selected automatically for your browser. However, file markup and the library browser still require a Silverlight-enabled Web browser. Most of the remaining Silverlight-based features are expected to be available as HTML5 versions in the near future, though some features may instead be dropped.

    As of this writing, Silverlight is supported by the current versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox, but not by current versions of Chrome, Edge or Safari. For an up-to-date list of browser support, go to the Silverlight download page. If you are using a browser that does support Silverlight but doesn’t have it installed, then you can use that same link to install it.
  • Dynamic HTML Attributes in Emails: It was already possible to include dynamic field values (such as a contact's name, incentive program or other values) in your email designs, including for use in HTML attributes such as hyperlinks and image links. However, it was previously necessary to write extra Razor code to use such values in HTML attributes. Now you can place these values directly, which may help make your emails easier to design.

Issues that are resolved in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2015 Update 1.2

Update 1.2 resolves the following issues:
  • Not able to create Timeslips when using View By Worksheet mode
  • Clearing (setting to empty) the value of Category User Defined Fields in Dynamics CRM does not clear the value of the mapped field in Dynamics Marketing
  • Information in Status, Job and Service columns of Timeslips is not displayed accurately when using View By Worksheet mode
  • Lead import skips records if matching Contact already exists
  • CRM connector mappings are not saved if the mapping configuration file exceeds 2 MB
  • The hyperlink editor in the email marketing message editor does not add hyperlink when used more than once in same email marketing message
  • Custom contact fields of type Integer and Checkbox lose labels in languages other than English
  • Campaign and Ad Group name information are missing in the Campaign and Ad Group tables respectively for Google Adwords Search Engine Media Outlets
  • Syncing of records from CRM to MDM fails when field values synced from CRM contain only whitespaces.
  • No validation error when trying to save Task without providing Company name
  • Not able to navigate to a subfolder created within a Task's folder
  • Font applied to email marketing message in the editor is not maintained in the email marketing message delivered
  • Unable to create Shipment records from Tear sheet maintain page
  • Send Time of SMTP emails is displayed in UTC instead of user's time zone
  • External subscription center links are displayed with incorrect URL for emails without Razor content
  • Not able to delete Teams in Edge browser
  • Not able to view approval automation maintain page without View All privilege
  • Offer Name is inserted in email marketing message instead Offer Link Text
  • All the selected columns are not displayed in the Files grid of the Files tab in RFQ maintain page
  • Unicode characters in custom contact fields are not displayed correctly when inserted into email marketing messages
  • Time field values not displayed accurately in the Task grid in a Job when viewed in edit mode
  • Downloading marked-up image files with annotations misplaces the annotations
  • Email performance displays inaccurate data when filtered for All dates
  • Campaigns deactivated in CRM are left active in MDM with a blank Status value
  • Not able to create a job request which contains a multi-select checkbox field with special characters in the label
  • Not able to save Estimate values in the performance tab of Email marketing messages
  • State field is mandatory in sender address plugin
  • SMTP email sent from MDM contain more than 998 characters in a single line
  • Do Not Email flag is not removed for opted in contacts if the contact's maintain page is open in the application simultaneously
  • Not able to edit user defined fields of type Category in the requirements section when creating job requests from templates
  • Specifications field of Jobs is not visible to Web portal users
  • Jobs created by web portal users using job request templates do not contain any uploaded files
  • Users without edit privileges for leads cannot view leads
  • Hyperlink manager in email marketing editor is not functional in Edge
  • Application allows job requests to be submitted without providing values for mandatory fields
  • Contains operator not available for filtering by Team Role column in Campaigns grid
  • Completed Date field value is not auto-populated when an approval request is set to 'Completed' status
  • Email marketing message performance details are not displayed in Internet Service Provider view
  • A/B testing activity in campaign workflow does not process contacts if it is placed after a trigger
  • Contact Permission rules are not be applied to commercial messages marked as "Send Externally"
  • When changing the users on a new approval record from a template, any modified fields within the header of the record revert to the original template values
  • Dynamic query marketing lists return incorrect results sometimes when the query conditions contain AND operator
  • Webinar Link Clicked Trigger in campaign workflow results in validation error
  • Company field of Media Order Item is not auto-populated from the Ordered For field of the Media Order
  • Lead Score in the Lead maintain page disappears when the browser zoom level is changed
  • Users grid on the Security tab of Files is not paged correctly
  • Copying Events does not copy content for Sessions and Registration setup
  • Users are allowed to resubmit same Job creation form when the earlier request is still being processed
  • Activate and Validate buttons are not available in campaigns created by copying existing campaigns with end date set to Today-30
  • Exporting Marketing List of type Query with more than 300,000 members fails
  • Tile for Marketing List activity on campaign automation canvas does not contain enough space to display list count
  • Validation messages for triggers are not refreshed when campaign automation canvas is refreshed
  • No warning message displayed when user moves a campaign activity that has processed some contacts to the end of the campaign
  • Not able to clear multi-condition triggers added to campaign workflow
  • No validation error displayed if no condition is selected for trigger placed after a Landing page
  • Wait for date scheduler displayed time in UTC instead of user's time zone
  • Edit Marketing List tile on the campaign automation canvas does not display the list count

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