Payment Reporting in Channel Incentives Platform (CHIP)


This article describes the purpose of Channel Incentives Platform (CHIP) and enumerates the steps in viewing and downloading the details of your account’s earnings in Microsoft Azure Program.

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What is Channel Incentives Platform (CHIP)?

CHIP is the tool that partners use to track earning details on Azure Incentive opportunities that were entered into Microsoft’s deal registration tool, PSX (Partner Sales Exchange).

You have monthly visibility into your account’s forecasted earnings as well as the capability to download your account’s final quarterly earnings statements through CHIP.

CHIP offers you the flexibility to log in at your convenience and view a summary of your performance and payment status on a dashboard screen. Once logged on, you are guided into the Dashboard screen which is the main summary screen for all of your earnings and payments.

To access the platform, click on this link:

Payment Reporting:

If you need to see transaction level details you can download the Calculation Details file by selecting the download from the ‘Select’ dropdown under the Export to Excel section of the screen.

When you're at the Partner Payment Summary page, click on the dropdown button which has the "Select" word on it then choose "Earning Details" to open or download the file. You can also download your account’s Payment History using the same dropdown. Please see screenshot below for reference.

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