After resuming from s3/s4 in windows 10, mobile broadband devices may not work properly



After resuming from s3/s4 in windows 10, you may still see the MBIM interface in UI or by running the command “netsh mbn show interfaces”. However, you cannot use the MBIM device anymore. For example, if you try to click “connect” to establish a new connection in the cellular UI of the control panel, you will see it just keeps connecting



The problem could happen if the following conditions are true.

 1.    “Allow this device to wake the computer” option of the MBIM device is enabled

 2.    The USB port that the MBIM device attached to will be powered off in s3/s4, and the power of the USB port will be turned on after resuming from s3/s4. This is done by the hardware directly.

 When the “Allow this device to wake the computer” power option is enabled, windows will maintain the original MBIM session so MBIM_OPEN command will not be issued after resuming. However, since the USB port loses power, the MBIM device would not respond to other command until it receives the MBIM_OPEN command to re-initialize. Hence, the device may not work properly after resuming.



To work around this issue:

1.  Open Device Manager. 

2.  Right-click on the mobile broadband device, and select Properties. 

3.  Select the Power Management  tab. 

4.  Clear/Uncheck the " Allow this device to wake the computer " option. 

5.  Click OK. 

6.  Close Device Manager. 

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