QA: What are some of the benefits and highlights of Revolution R Enterprise for Windows?

Revolution R Enterprise for Windows combines an enhanced version of the R data analysis environment with Microsoft’s Visual Studio Shell to create a fully-integrated R Productivity Environment ("RPE") for data analysis and visual debugging. 

The RPE contains many enhancements to the graphical user interface, including: 

· Intellisense: hover-over help, auto-completion, automatic syntax checking, argument matching and viewing object information · Visual Debugging: a Visual Studio debugger for step-in, step-over, step-out debugging of user created R functions. · Code Snippets: fill-in-the-blanks code fragments that users can put together to create complete analyses. · Macros: combine a sequence of user interface actions into a single command · Keyboard mapping · Easy-to-navigate projects and solutions 

You also gain the speed and parallel processing benefits of Revolution R, 64-bit scalability and wide platform support. To get started using Revolution R Enterprise, we recommend that you review the R Productivity Environment Getting Started Guide. (found on your Start menu after installation under the Revolution R program group). It provides a tutorial introduction to using the RPE graphical user interface features and the visual debugger. 

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