Revolution R Enterprise 7.2 Silent Installation

You can do a silent command-line install of Revolution R Enterprise from a DOS command-line window and use the 'APPDIR' switch to specify an alternative installation path for Revolution R Enterprise.

Here is an example of how you can do this for Revolution R Enterprise 7.2:

(From a DOS shell as user Administrator):

set VCRUIMODE=/q & set DOTNET_MODE=/passive /norestart & set VSIS_MODE=/passive /norestart & Revolution-R-Enterprise-7.2.0-Windows.exe /exebasicui APPDIR="C:\Program Files\Revolution" PIDKEY=<Serial Number> /qb /L* %TEMP%\Revo_Enterprise_install.log

Note: Revolution R Enterprise 7.4 now uses a split installer with a different silent installation procedure. Please refer to article to install RRE 7.4.

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