QA: When I try to run sample script, I get error "R session could not be created, rse=Cannot connect"

  • 1).  First check that the services 'Rserve' and 'Tomcat' are running on the DeployR server. If they are not running, start these services.
  • 2).  Check and verify that the 'Rserve' package itself was installed properly:
                   Start Revolution R. Type: '.libPaths()' to check and verify which library directory for R packages you are using. Then type:

                   'names(installed.packages()[,1])' to see all currently installed R packages. The 'Rserve' package should be one of the packages

                  listed here. If it is missing from the output you will need to install it as follows from a Linux shell prompt:

                  /opt/deployr/6.2/Revo/bin/R CMD INSTALL Rserve_0.6-3.1.tar.gz

                                You may need to check the rest of the Rserve configuration directories to verify that everything needed is installed. Please  check the instructions in the RevoDeployR manual installation guide for Linux for a complete list of directories and files that Rserve creates during the install. The section on ‘Configuring Rserve’ In this guide has a complete list of configuration steps.

                After installing the package restart 'tomcat' and 'Rserve', then try running the RevoDeployR examples again.
  • 3).  If the examples still fail to run, please email the file '/opt/deployr/6.2/tomcat/apache-tomcat-7.0.34/bin/plogs/production.log'
            to '' AFTER changing the settings to 'DEBUG' mode in the file '/opt/deployr/6.2/deployr.groovy'.


            To change settings to ‘DEBUG’ mode, do the following:

            Change the word ‘info’ to ‘debug’ in two places in the ‘deployr.groovy’ file  and save the changes.

            Then stop and restart all DeployR services and try running the default examples again.

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