Problem: No image is returned when I run the "Hello, World!" plot sample (Sample 1)?

This can happen if the incorrect IP address is defined for RevoDeployR. 
This can be corrected by updating the Web Server Context IP Address: 

1. Go to the RevoDeployR Management Console and perform the following: 

Go to revodeployr_server_ip_address/revolution/ 

where revodeployr_server_ip_address is the IP of the main server machine. 
Log in as the default administrator. If you have not yet changed the default password, use the following: 

Username: admin Password: secret 

In the Server Polices tab, make sure the public IP address you want to use is correctly shown in the “Web Server context” field. Refer to the Management Console User’s Guide for more information on how to edit server policies. 

2. Open the Hello World sample using the newly defined IP address: 


and click Execute. The plot results should display. 

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