Support policy for manual database changes in a Configuration Manager environment

Applies to: Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Configuration ManagerMicrosoft System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager Service Pack 1Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager


This article describes the Microsoft support policy for changes that are made to the site database (SQL database) in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (all versions).

More Information

Additions or changes that are made to the schema, structure, views, or objects in the site database are not supported if they are made outside the Software Development Kit (SDK) or the Configuration Manager product. 

This includes changes that are made under the guidance of Microsoft Customer Support, Microsoft Consulting Services, or other partner organizations to help troubleshoot problems or performance issues. 

In this context, “not supported’ is defined as follows:

  • Changes are made at your own risk. The Configuration Manager product team does not offer testing of database changes.
  • Updates or upgrades to the product may revert your changes.
  • Servicing support is not available for issues that are caused by custom changes to the database. Servicing support" is defined as requests for out-of-band (hotfix or cumulative update) changes that are made to resolve problems or alter the product design.
This definition does not prevent you from contacting Microsoft Customer Support, and it does not automatically exempt the whole environment from support. Changes that are made by using the guidance of Microsoft Knowledge Base articles, TechNet topics, or other official documentation are supported. However, such changes are not guaranteed to persist after updates or upgrades are applied.

Be aware that Microsoft Customer Support cannot build, rebuild, troubleshoot, or maintain custom changes to the database. When you contact Support, you may be asked to revert the changes to resolve a problem. Additionally, you may be asked to reproduce the same problem independent of those changes to help Support agents escalate your case and work toward a resolution.

Because of the diverse nature of Configuration Manager installations, some unsupported changes (such as adding a new index) are still desirable to optimize performance for a given environment. We recommend that you test such changes thoroughly in your environment to make sure that they meet your business needs and do not introduce unintended side effects. Remember that these changes may be reverted during an update or upgrade of the product.

If you believe that product changes that you have made in your environment would be appropriate to include in a future version of the product, we encourage you to submit the details to the System Center Configuration Manager Feedback site.