August 9, 2016, Update adds and improves data connectivity and transformation features in Excel 2016

Applies to: Excel 2016

After you install August 9, 2016, update for Excel 2016 (KB3115438), the following data connectivity and transformation features are available in Excel 2016:
  • Improved SAP HANA connector - Enable multi-select of values for variables or parameters.
  • Improved OData connector - Add an option to import Open Type columns from OData feeds.
  • Improved Access DB connector - Add the Select Related Tables button in the Navigator dialog box.
  • Add an option to generate step names in English in the Query Editor.
  • Description for query steps in the Query Editor.
  • Extract week day and month name from a DateTime column.
  • Merge dates and times into a single DateTime column.
  • Extract start or end of an hour based on a DateTime column.