Microsoft Azure Backup offline seeding is stuck at "Waiting for Azure import job to complete"

Applies to: Azure Backup


When you try to use the Microsoft Azure Backup (MAB) offline seeding feature, the import job doesn't continue after it sends the drive to Azure for importing. Additionally, the MAB interface displays the following message and doesn't continue:

Waiting for Azure Import Job to complete. Please check on Azure management portal for more information on job status

Additionally, you may see entries that resemble the following in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Azure Recovery Services Agent\Temp\CBEngineCurr.errlog:

... 44B4 3968 10/21 21:02:21.611 69 AzureServiceManagementHelper.cs(320)  0517B3DB-347D-45A8-9DAB-FD7D1EA7D134 FATAL GetImportJobStatus:: Import job with name 'ImportJobName' is not found 44B4 3968 10/21 21:02:21.611 71 backupasync.cpp(1589) [000000001B73B830] 0517B3DB-347D-45A8-9DAB-FD7D1EA7D134 NORMAL PollAzureImportJob :: Import Job: 'ImportJobName' is in pending state: '1' 44B4 3968 10/21 21:02:21.611 71 backupasync.cpp(1607) [000000001B73B830] 0517B3DB-347D-45A8-9DAB-FD7D1EA7D134 WARNING PollAzureImportJob failed with error code: 1b7afbe0 44B4 3968 10/21 21:02:21.611 71 backupasync.cpp(1184) [000000001B73B830] 0517B3DB-347D-45A8-9DAB-FD7D1EA7D134 WARNING Failed: Hr: = [0x80780054] Offline Backup Progress: Failed" ..... 


This issue can occur if the name that you entered for Azure Import Job Name when you configured offline seeding does not match the name that you entered for Job Name in the Azure portal when you created the import job. Both job names must be identical before offline seeding can continue.


To fix this issue, remove the backup policy by using the Stop protection and delete data option, and then schedule a new policy that has the correct offline backup parameters by providing a new import job name that matches the job name in the Azure portal. 

For detailed information about how to do this, see the following article: