Using Technical Presales and Deployment Services

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Build your technical capabilities faster to increase sales, deploy more effectively, and accelerate app development using your Microsoft partner network Technical Presales and Deployment Services - to learn more see

Note: If you are looking for technical support - troubleshooting for a specific problem, error message or functionality that isn't working as expected, see Technical Support for Microsoft Partners.


  • You must use an MPN AAD Sign-in to enable online submission
  • You must be eligible for technical presales assistance or have partner advisory hours (Action Pack 5h, Silver 20h, Gold 50h) - see MPN Offers
  • To qualify for technical presales assistance, you must provide the customer name and details of the project
  • Understand the supported products and scenarios eligible (cloud and hybrid scenarios, with limited on-premises)




Action Pack

Network member

Technical consultations

50 advisory hours

20 advisory hours

5 advisory hours

Not available*

Technical Presales

Unlimited no-cost

Unlimited no-cost

Use advisory hours

Not available*

* Network members may purchase Action Pack

How to Submit a technical presales and deployment services request ​​

From Partner Center

  1. Identify the type of consultation and technology by visiting - consultations for Azure, Business Applications, Modern Workplace or Marketplace Preparation.
  2. Can't find what you need? We have you covered. Get advice from Microsoft partner technical consultants on presales, deployment and app development scenarios for cloud an hybrid solutions by leveraging your technical presales and deployment benefits. Submit a request direct via online submission:

a. From Partner Center > MPN > Benefits > Technical benefits, click Submit technical presales and deployment request.

b. From, select "Technical Presales and Deployment Services", then submit a request online.

Important: Online submission is only available for partners who have migrated their organization to Partner Center and use their partner center MPN AAD sign-in. ( If CSP and MPN sign-in are on different tenants, you will see an error message “You are not authorized for this action”. Use your MPN tenant sign-in to submit the request. )

Submit an online request from Partner Center

1. Sign-in to the Dashboard MPN, then Benefits, Technical benefits, Click Submit technical presales and deployment request.

Note: If you see a message “Looks like you don't have any benefits yet” and “View membership offers” either your organisation has not earned a Gold or Silver membership or purchased Microsoft Action pack; OR you need to sign-in using your partner center account. To check your account, click the account icon in the top right of the page and click Sign-in with another account (if required).


2. Use Search Products and if you get too many results filter based on Solution area or use Browse topics to filter each taxonomy level


Note: If you require a Cloud Consult as part of your ASfP or PSfP support plan, please contact your support account manager (SAM)

3. Complete the form and submit
Important: Please be careful to select the relevant country (or region) and Language because they control where your request is routed.


4.The confirmation page shows the support request number, description etc. You will also receive a confirmation email from Partner Center with the case number.


Note: First Time Response on PTC consultation services is as follows:

  • MPN Partners consultations requests - two (2) business days.

5. You receive a confirmation email


From Partner Support

1. Sign-in to, using your Partner Center AAD account (associated to your partner MPN organization), to create a ticket in Partner Center.


2. Use Search and type “Presales” or any other text in the topic "Technical Presales and Deployment Services (Advisory Hours)"

use search

3. Next Step, click Review solutions.

next step

4. Gold, Silver or Action Pack partners, click Submit a Request here.


5. The Next Step is to Provide Issue details, see Complete the form above.
Note: If CSP and MPN sign-in are on different tenants, you will see an error message “You are not authorized for this action”. Use your MPN tenant sign-in to submit the request.

Cloud Consult requests

Partners with a support plan for Advanced Support for Partners (ASfP) or Premier Support for Partners (PSfP) should contact their support account manager for Cloud Consult requests.

More information

Technical Presales and Deployment Services (TPD)

Technical Presales and Deployment Services (TPD) - supported products and scenarios

Virtual instructor-led training

Contact Microsoft Partner Support
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