Using Technical Presales Assistance and partner advisory hours


Service description

Technical Presales Assistance
Gain a competitive advantage to win more deals through technical presales support. Request technical consultation and customized guidance throughout the presales process to help you position Microsoft solutions, overcome customer objections, demonstrate the value of solutions, and present solutions to your prospective customers.

Partner advisory hours
Use your partner advisory hours to help you develop better solutions, accelerate deployment, and increase consumption of Microsoft solutions throughout every stage of your customer relationships by leveraging technical training and personalized assistance to transform your business.

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Support benefit
Create a request
Technical Presales Assistance

Cloud and hybrid products; limited on-premises products*

Gold or silver competency partners may qualify for no-charge**

Action Pack partners use advisory hours***
Sign in to the My support benefits and activities page and click Submit a request and then Submit an Advisory Service request

Partner advisory hours

Cloud and hybrid products; limited on-premises products*
5 or more advisory hours available

Sign in to the My support benefits and activities page and click Submit a request and then Submit an Advisory Service request

*Windows 10, Windows Server, Microsoft Dynamics AX, and Microsoft SQL Server. See below.

**To qualify for the no-charge Technical Presales Assistance offering, you must provide the customer name and details of the project. The US$3,000 revenue minimum does not apply to deals made for cloud services or free software like Internet Explorer. For smaller deals, you can also use your partner advisory hours to access this benefit.

***Action Pack partners earn advisory hours with their first cloud deal. They need to request contract activation before online submission can be used.

How to submit a request online

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Partner Network with a Microsoft account that is associated with your partner organization. You can use any email address as the username for your Microsoft account, including addresses from, Yahoo!, or Gmail.
  2. Select the appropriate country/region to view country specific information (for example, phone and chat details). If available, a local language page and online submission workflow will be used. You can use any portal to submit a request because the request routing is defined by the country or region selected on the contact information page (step 6).    
  3. Select Support and then click My support, My benefits & activities in the top navigation menu. Or you can go directly to the page via
  4. Click Submit a request, Submit an Advisory Service request.

  5. Enter your Phone number and Email address.

  6. Carefully select the country or region because it is used to route the request to the appropriate support team, language, and time zone. Then click Continue.

  7. The Provide request details page requires you to specify a title, technology, and displays the advisory hours remaining.

  8. Select a Scenario and Deployment Type, and then provide a Problem Description. Click Submit to create your request.

  9. A Thank you page will display confirming that the request has been created. You will also be sent an email confirmation.

On-premises products

Technical Presales Assistance and Advisory Services are offered in the cloud for hybrid scenarios and for limited on-premises only solutions, including Windows 10, Windows Server, Microsoft Dynamics AX, and Microsoft SQL Server.

If you select an unsupported on-premises product online (for example, Office Client Suite) you will be referred to the Partner Support Community and the policy change FAQ. Alternatively, you may discuss moving to a cloud based solution instead of an on-premises solution.

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