Microsoft Social Engagement 2016 Update 1.1


Microsoft Social Engagement 2016 Update 1.1 is ready and will be released in December 2015. This article describes the features, fixes, and other changes that are included in this update.

New features introduced in Microsoft Social Engagement 2016 Update 1.1

Update 1.1 introduces the following features:

  • See details about authors on Twitter
    Let’s check out author details. In Social Center, click the author details icon in any tweet. Right away you’ll see a detailed view of the author’s profile. Here you can get an idea of how influential and active the author is based on their reach score, their followers, and how many tweets they’ve posted. Review the hash tags they use most, and their recent tweets to understand the topics that interest them. If you decide this is someone you want to follow, just link the social profile you want to follow the author with.
  • Include photos in your posts
    Direct publishing is another cool feature in Social Center. It lets you tweet or post to Facebook right from within Social Engagement. Let’s say your sales person wants to share a white paper or your marketing team wants to announce the agenda for an upcoming conference. Click the Publish tab in Social Center and pick the social media source you want to publish to. Then pick the social profile to post on behalf of. Type the announcement text and add media if you want—let’s include the conference flyer and publish. On the confirmation page, click the link to see the post on the source you published to. You can also post the same message on other sources or social profiles from here.
  • Extend your data coverage with custom sources
    Social Engagement supports popular social media sources right out of the box. However, some customers prefer sources that are specific to a brand, company, or industry. Use custom sources and add public RSS or Atom feeds to listen and analyze those conversations so you can hear what they are saying about your company, and engage more effectively.
  • Collaborate in Social Engagement using Office Groups
    Finally, with the addition of Office Groups in Social Engagement, you can create and manage Office Groups in Exchange, or in your Office Admin Portal. Once you do that, those groups are available in Social Engagement for assigning posts or sharing streams and social profiles.
    Here’s an example. A customer posts about an installation issue, and the Field Installation group is great with issues like this. Click “Assign To” and use keyword search or filtering to quickly find the Field Installation group. Now, everyone in the Field Installation group can see the post in their Inbox and act on it.

Issues that are resolved in Microsoft Social Engagement 2016 Update 1.1

In addition to the new features, Update 1.1 addresses the following issues:
  • Improved loading times of streams in Social Center on first use of the page.
  • Improved responsive design and layout of all Analytics pages to favor portrait mode over landscape when additional browser bars are displayed.
  • Improved performance and latency of Link-to-CRM actions in Social Center and Analytics post view.
  • Improved performance and latency for Link-to-CRM configuration in Settings > Connections.
  • Improved loading time of KPI “Number of posts” widget on Analytics > Overview page.
  • Improved loading time on Author by Source widget on Analytics > Sources page.
  • Replaced favorite with like buttons and icons to be consistent with Twitter.
  • Introduced warning message when trying to publish posts on Facebook containing more than 1900 characters.
  • Adjusted styling and height of bulk-action control panel on Author full-view widget for better usability.
  • Fixed issue with overlapping text on Social Profiles page in Settings.
  • Fixed issues on Tweets that are displayed with slight delay after being acquired.
  • Fixed layout issue in Personal Settings to display all supported date formats correctly.
  • Fixed issues with text exceeding publishing drawer when publishing longer texts on Facebook.

More Information

For more information see the Social Engagement Help Center.


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