Event ID 1009 is logged and no Health Manager alerts on failed content indexes during migration in Exchange Server 2013


A mailbox migration from Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 to Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 stops when some mailboxes become unstable and stop indexing the incoming email messages. When you investigate the problem, you find that the content indexes are in a failed state. However, no alerts are reported by Microsoft Exchange Health Manager service.

Additionally, lots of Event ID 1009 entries are logged in the Application log as follows:

At the same time, you see the following entries in the Performance Monitor logs that are related to this problem:
  • The Search Document Parsing\ContentEngineNode1\Average sandbox waiting time counter reaches a plateau of ca. 120,000 millisecond and the value remains forever.
  • The Search Document Parsing\ContentEngineNode1\Active sandbox workers counter starts to climb steadily and goes into the six-digit area eventually.
  • The ParserServer-process that are started some time after the last restart of the Noderunner-process disappear and aren't created again.


This problem occurs because the Microsoft Exchange Search and Microsoft Exchange Search Host Controller services cause some instability in the indexes. because of this instability, Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Managed Availability Diagnosticsets the affected indexes to a Failed and Suspended state. Therefore, Active Manager considers these indexes to be unhealthy (corrupted), and the database that is associated with these indexes can't be used as a target for mailbox migration.



Microsoft is researching this problem and will post more information in this article when the information becomes available.

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