OAB generation stalls in an Exchange Server 2013 or Exchange Server 2016 organization


This issue occurs if the mailbox database that hosts the Offline Address Book (OAB) generation mailbox has multiple copies and if some copies aren't healthy or available. 

Additionally, when this issue occurs, you may encounter one or more of following problems:
  • The scheduled OAB generation doesn't occur.
  • If OAB generation is forced by calling the Update-OfflineAddressBook cmdlet, the command is completed successfully. However, the OAB distribution folder isn't updated.
  • There are no warning or error events in the Application log about the OAB generation failure.
  • The OAB generation logs aren't updated at all. (You can find these logs in the \Logging\OABGeneratorLog folder.)


This issue occurs because System Workload Management (WLM) throttles OAB generator tasks if a resource crunch occurs on the server.


To work around this issue, use one of the following methods. 

Method 1

Wait until the database copy becomes healthy and WLM workloads are underloaded.
Method 2

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