Event ID 1587 Replication ID on a Domain Controller


Event ID 1587 is generated on a Domain Controller when there are more than two domain controllers in the same site as a Lync server.

More Information

When you have multiple domain controller in the same site as a Lync Server and the Lync Server replicates with a different domain controller, the follow message is recorded: 

This directory service has been restored or has been configured to host an application directory partition. As a result, its replication identity has changed. A partner has requested replication changes using our old identity. The starting sequence number has been adjusted.
The destination directory service corresponding to the following object GUID has requested changes starting at a USN that precedes the USN at which the local directory service was restored from backup media.

Object GUID:
00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 (DNS Host Name: N/A)
USN at the time of restore:

As a result, the up-to-dateness vector of the destination directory service has been configured with the following settings.

Previous database GUID:
Previous object USN:
Previous property USN:
New database GUID:
New object USN:
New property USN:

This is not an issue with your domain controller but is a normal informational indicator that the Lync Server is replicating with a new domain controller. The Object GUID will be all 0's and the user always be the LYNC server.

While the Event ID is the same as when a Domain Controller has a USN rollback (please check here) the Database GUID's, Object GUID and username indicate that this is a normal Lync server replication event.


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