Access web app may not correctly execute onload or oncurrent macro events


Assume that you create a new form in an Access web app by using the Home > Create > Advanced option. Then, you add an onload or an oncurrent macro action, or both, and then save the form with a hyphen in the form name. In this situation, the macro event is named incorrectly and may be executed inconsistently.

You may also encounter a "Microsoft Access could not understand the macro format." error when you try to open the macro in an affected form.

Error ,


This issue occurs because the macro is named incorrectly. You are able to observe this by looking at the macro naming convention when you design the macro. A correctly named macro should show the form name just before the event name.

Incorrectly named form macro event:
Affected macro

Correctly named form macro event:
Unaffected macro


To prevent the issue, rename the form so that it does not use a hyphen in the form name and then save it. If the macro event still doesn't execute correctly, select all macro actions (Ctrl + a) and then delete (Ctrl + x) them from the macro event, save the form, re-create the event and then paste (Ctrl + v) your macro actions back into the event. If neither of these methods resolves the issue, you may want to rebuild the form and make sure that a hyphen is not used in the form name.

More Information

Forms that are created from another affected form that uses the duplicate method will also experience this issue. 

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