Cumulative update 3 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 (Build 44365)

Applies to: Dynamics NAV 2016

This article applies to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 for all countries and all language locales.


This cumulative update includes all hotfixes and regulatory features that have been released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, including hotfixes and regulatory features that were released in previous cumulative updates.

Note You must convert the database if you are upgrading to this cumulative update from an earlier cumulative update. For more information, see Converting a Database in Help for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

This cumulative update replaces previously released cumulative updates. You should always install the latest cumulative update.

It may be necessary to update your license after implementing this hotfix to gain access to new objects included in this or a previous cumulative update (this only applies to customer licenses).

For a list of cumulative updates released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, see released cumulative updates for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 . Cumulative updates are intended for new and existing customers who are running Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.


We recommend that you contact your Microsoft Dynamics Partner before you install hotfixes or updates. It is important to verify that your environment is compatible with the hotfixes or updates being installed. A hotfix or update may cause interoperability issues with customizations and third-party products that work with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution.

Problems that are resolved in this cumulative update

The following problems are resolved in this cumulative update:

Platform hotfixes

376655You cannot remove items from the Home menu of the navigation pane.
376740Dynamics NAV 2016 breaks the Permission Sets list page of Dynamics NAV 2015 Permission Sets.
376817"Metadata for Query 50000 that is published as a web service is not valid for OData" error message when you use a web service built on a query.
376828Shortcuts are not fully localized in the German version of Dynamics NAV 2016.
376830PasteIsValid does not work in the Windows client.
376880You cannot open a Dynamics NAV page from Dynamics CRM if the language in Dynamics NAV is set to the local language.
376885SOAP (+Odata) URIs should not have to specify a company name if only one exists.
376921Authentication that uses a web services key does not work if you use AccessControlService.
376956The Dynamics NAV development environment crashes when you compile a codeunit or report object.
376995The GetDatabaseTableTriggerSetup trigger is executed with temporary tables.
377051The Windows client crashes at startup if you try to open a page outside the permitted license range.
377059The Windows client crashes when the Dynamics NAV Service Translation folder contains a Russian language UTF-8 text file.
377069Hovering over a record variable in C/AL code indicates the wrong field as the primary key for the related table.
377077Bitmaps 12 to 14 is not available in the Windows client.
377116The Web client in browser does not show pages split correctly.
377134Jumps between controls are working differently in the Web client and the Windows client.
377204The installation of Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.WinForms.tlb conflicts with KB3072630.
377211The Dynamics NAV client disconnects when you refresh a sub part.
377229Bypass license check for development permissions.
377234You cannot assign a script control add-in to a variable in C/AL.
377278Copy and paste of a function in the IDE means you do not get the latest version of the function.
377285The hyphen character is not handled like the space character.
377357Update Aspose.Words to the version 15.11.0.
377360Inconsistent behavior of F4 in the AL designer.
377370If Window Update starts while the server is waiting to reconnect with the client, then the system can run out of memory because it stacks up the dialog request for when the client returns.
377379OData requests hang forever.
377398Data in not-per-company tables that are added by extensions should be archived on uninstallation.
377439Treeview on a page crashes the Web client.
377448The function to restore archived data automatically for Dynamics NAV extensions should not invoke insert or modify triggers.
377450Actions in profiles that are controlled by dynamic visibility are hidden incorrectly.
377453Asynchronous download is unstable and returns before it is completed.
377454Visual styles must be disabled to avoid crash.
377466The Remember My Password option does not create Windows credentials in a mixed credential type setup. For example, UserName on the ClienUserSettings.config and Windows type at the service level.
377467The Web client may render untranslated text as undefined instead of the English (fallback) text.

Application hotfixes

IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
377207Validation of a RapidStart configuration package results in duplicated contacts.ClientCOD 8611
376966The currency factor in a general journal is not updated correctly when the line is retrieved from a standard general journal.FinanceTAB 750
377114"The length of the string is X, but it must be less than or equal to Y character" error message when you open the field mapping for a data exchange definition.FinanceTAB 1225
377166Repeated prompts to save the file when you change a budget in Excel.FinanceREP 29
377203The Deferral % field in the Deferral Template table shows 5 decimals even if no decimal is used.FinanceTAB 1700
377256The Insert G/L Account function does not work when you create a new account schedule.FinancePAG 104
377265The comparison period formula is not converted to any language.FinanceTAB 7118
377072Slow performance in the general journal.FinanceCOD 1535
377115Wrong G/L entries are posted if you post a recurring journal with several lines where one has zero amount, but it was filtered out in the journal after you use the Preview Posting function.FinanceCOD 231 PAG 283
377364If you create a finance charge memo for a customer with a language code, the Additional Fee text is always displayed in the English language if the client language is set to English.FinanceCOD 42 TAB 295 TAB 302
377264If you post the depreciation of several fixed assets in the same FA G/L journal, you get an entry for each fixed asset on the FA Registers page when it should be posted on only one FA register line.Fixed AssetsCOD 12 COD 5600 COD 5632
377132A BOM cannot be validated when a component is an assembly BOM and you run the Assembly BOM report.InventoryREP 801
377175"You cannot modify Item Unit of Measure X for item Y because non-zero Remaining Quantity with X exists in Prod. Order Line" error message when you modify the Quantity Per field on the Item Unit of Measure page.InventoryTAB 5404
377224An internal inventory movement does not populate the Whse. document type with Whse. journals instead of blank.InventoryCOD 7307 COD 7324
377280"You cannot modify Item Unit of Measure X for item Y because non-zero Remaining Quantity with X exists in Prod. Order Line" error message when you modify the Quantity Per field in the Item Unit of Measure page.InventoryTAB 5404
377326A blank line is inserted when you use the Select Entries function for item tracking lines.InventoryPAG 6510
377055When you create a sales invoice from a job with a foreign currency code, the amount is incorrect in the sales invoice.JobsCOD 1002
377109"The length of the string is X, but it must be less than or equal to Y character" error message when you create a routing version with default number series.ManufacturingCOD 5812 COD 99000752 COD 99000753 COD 99000756 COD 99000768 COD 99000769 COD 99000771 COD 99000773 REP 99000753 REP 99000754 REP 99000756 TAB 246 TAB 5406 TAB 5870 TAB 99000764 TAB 99000772 TAB 99000775 TAB 99000776 TAB 99000779 TAB 99000786 TAB 99000790 TAB 99000802 TAB 99000803 TAB 99000805
377226An item ledger entry is not created when you post an inventory put-away for a related production order output and the routing journal was manually adjusted.ManufacturingCOD 7324 COD 99000772
377252The Prod. BOM Where-Used page does not recognize item filters.ManufacturingCOD 99000770
377385When you re-validate a production BOM line with the Production BOM type, an unexpected validation error appears.ManufacturingTAB 99000772
377373The type of an ID 80 field has an incorrect OptionCaption and OptionCaptionML.ManufacturingPAG 5510 PAG 99000832
377130The item charge is posted when you validate the Qty. to Invoice value to 0 in a purchase order.PurchaseCOD 80 COD 90
377137Item availability by period provides different info in the scheduled receipt column than item availability by event when you create a drop shipment purchase.PurchasePAG 157
377292The Vendor Invoice No. value is only shown partly on the Purchase Document - Test report.PurchaseREP 402
377200Purchase and sales invoice totals are not updated when you browse to the previous purchase invoice from an invoice with more than 100 lines.PurchaseCOD 57
377296Users not selected in the Approval User setup can view approval request entries and approve.PurchaseN/A
377305Item availability by period provides different info in the scheduled receipt column than item availability by event when you create a drop shipment purchase.PurchasePAG 157 PAG 5530 PAG 5540 REP 705
376891"There is insufficient memory to execute this function" error message when you open item invoice lines from a posted sales shipment.SalesPAG 131 PAG 133 PAG 135 PAG 137 PAG 139 PAG 141 PAG 5970 PAG 5979 PAG 6628 PAG 6631 PAG 6641 PAG 6645 PAG 6651 PAG 6661 PAG 95 PAG 96 PAG 97 PAG 98 PAG 99000830 PAG 99000831 PAG 99000832 TAB 111 TAB 115 TAB 121 TAB 5993 TAB 6651 TAB 6661
377079The salesperson code is not filled when a sales quote is created for a contact number that is not associated with a customer number.SalesTAB 36
377107A drop shipment sales order is not automatically archived.SalesCOD 80 COD 90
377276"A transaction must be started before changes can be made to the database. Page Edit - Sales Credit Memo xxx must close" error message if you use dimensions and invoice rounding in a credit memo.SalesCOD 80 TAB 37
377477"Qty. to Handle (Base) in Tracking Specification for Item No. TEST, Serial No.: , Lot No.: LOT-C is currently 10. It must be 2" error message when you partially post a sales order on a 1:1 connection.SalesPAG 6510
377063The Show Posted Document process on the Customer Ledger Entries page does not show any information for service documents.ServiceTAB 21

Local application hotfixes

AT - Austria
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
377302The VAT Report Setup page cannot be opened from the menu in the Austrian version.FinanceMEN 1020 MEN 1030
377092The intrastat file contains a wrong value if the supplementary unit is not specified in the Austrian version.VAT/Sales Tax/IntrastatREP 11106
AU - Australia
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
377180"The transaction cannot be completed as it will cause inconsistencies in the G/L entry table" error message when you apply multiple purchase invoices with WHT partially to a payment journal and post in the Australian version.Cash ManagementCOD 28040
BE - Belgium
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
377472Codeunit 442 considers the shipment date and the responsibility center for a sales invoice line but not for a sales credit memo line in the Belgian version.FinanceCOD 442
377239"Purch. Inv. Header: The VAT Amount Line does not exist. Identification fields and values" error message if you try to open the Purchase Invoice Statistics page from a posted purchase invoice containing one text line in the Belgian version.PurchasePAG 400
CZ- Czech
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
377281Export VAT statement with attachments in the Czech version.FinancePAG 11774 TAB 11773
377284Purchase items with reverse charge and non-deductible VAT in the Czech version.FinanceCOD 100 COD 90 TAB 325 TAB 36 TAB 38
377353Log interaction in reports in the Czech version.FinanceREP 31091 REP 31093 REP 31094 REP 31096 REP 31097 REP 31098 REP 31099
377354The new method of posting the currency exchange is not in accordance with the Czech legislation in the Czech version.FinanceREP 595
377355The VAT Control report and the exchange rate in the Czech version.FinanceCU 31100
377356Export of the VAT Control report in the Czech version.FinanceCOD 31100 PAG 31106 XML 31100
377359Incorrect total amount and VAT amount in reports 11764 and 11775 in the Czech version.FinanceREP 11764 REP 11775
377095Service invoice and service credit memo Czech legislation in the Czech version.ServiceCOD 2 REP 31088 REP 31089 REP 31090
DE - Germany
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
377139If you use a profit and loss account as a balance account for a payment, and have the Ajust for Payment Disc. option activated, the system creates too many VAT entries when you unapply in the German version.FinanceCOD 13
377291Performance problems with the Sales VAT Adv. Not. Acc. Proof report in the German version.FinanceREP 11009
ES - Spain
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
377295"The Hidden expression for the text box 'TotalCaption2' uses an aggregate function with an expression that returned a data type not valid" error message if you run the Customer Statement report with the Show Overdue Entries activated in the Spanish version.SalesREP 116
377324The VAT Amount is wrongly calculated in the Archived Sales Order report if the sales order document has more than one line in the Spanish version.VAT/Sales Tax/IntrastatREP 216
FI - Finland
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
377127The country of origin code is missing from the Intrastat Checklist report in the Finnish version.VAT/Sales Tax/IntrastatREP 502
377338The country of origin code should be visible in the layout in the Intrastat Checklist report in the Finnish version.VAT/Sales Tax/IntrastatREP 502
FR - France
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
377245"Unrealized VAT Type must be equal to 'Percentage'" error message if you use Delayed as the option in the Unrealized VAT Reversal field and check the Realized VAT field for a payment slip step mixing unrealized VAT and normal VAT lines in the payment slip in the French version.Cash ManagementTAB 254
NL - Netherlands
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
377366"The CBG Posting - Test report does not have a DataItem" error message when you print the Test report from a general journal batch in the Dutch version.FinancePAG 251 REP 11400
NO - Norway
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
377271Unit of measure upgrade missing in the upgrade tool in the Norwegian version.AdministrationChange the following line of code for all upgrade codeunits in versions:

IF UnitOfMeasure.GET(Code,Description) THEN BEGIN
IF UnitOfMeasure.GET(Code) THEN BEGIN
377384When you create reminders and include postings not due, the first line of the not-overdue items is suggested twice in the Norwegian version.FinanceCOD 392
377461The Payment Type Code Abroad field is not filled when you post a purchase invoice through a purchase journal in the Norwegian version.FinanceCOD 12
377275The EHF payment ID for the posted service invoices does not calculate the KID value in the Norwegian version.ServiceCOD 10601 COD 10619 COD 10626
RU - Russia
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
377184The Item G/L Turnover page shows a negative quantity in the Credit Quantity column in the Russian version.FinancePAG 12449 TAB 5802
377196The system does not have Excel templates for the Bill of Lading report in the Russian version.FinanceREP 14951
377299Unexpected posted sales invoice document for prepayment with 0 VAT % in the Russian version.FinanceCOD 12423
377395The Pstd. Purch. Factura-Invoice report does not fill lines for the scenario with VAT agents and prepayments in the Russian version.FinanceREP 14939
377402The Outgoing Cash Order print form has some problems in the Russian version.FinanceCOD 12400 PAG 12422 REP 12402 REP 12403 TAB 81
377404The Ingoing Cash Order print form has some problems in the Russian version.FinanceCOD 12400 PAG 12422 REP 12402 REP 12403 TAB 81
377406The system does not substitute the %n in Including field to the number in the scenario with ingoing cash order and standard text code in the Russian version.FinanceCOD 12400 PAG 12422 REP 12402 REP 12403 TAB 81
377409The system does not show the right result in scenario with prepayment difference and purchasing items in the Russian version.FinanceCOD 80 COD 90
377419The Cash Report CO-4 print form has some problems in the Russian version.FinanceCOD 12400 COD 14930 REP 14902
377421The last page of the Cash Report CO-4 print form does not have any page number when using 70 lines per day in the Russian version.FinanceCOD 12400 COD 14930 REP 14902
377425Unexpected result in the Last Cash Report Page No. field on the Cash Account Card page when you print an empty Cash Report CO-4 print form in the Russian version.FinanceCOD 12400 COD 14930 REP 14902
377429Unexpected result in the Last Cash Report Page No. field on the Cash Account Card page when you print 85 lines of the Cash Report CO-4 print form in the Russian version.FinanceCOD 12400 COD 14930 REP 14902
377434The system does not support the serial numbering of sheets when you print the Cash Report CO-4 print form for the same cash account card in the Russian version.FinanceREP 14902
377460The Factura-Invoice report shows wrong information when you use the Customs Declaration feature in the Russian version.FinanceCOD 14931 COD 6503
UK - United Kingdom
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
377288The Match Manually, Remove Match, and Suggest Lines functions do not work well together with the BACS functionality in the British version.Cash ManagementCOD 1252 COD 375 REP 1496 TAB 271

Local regulatory features

AT - Austria
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
158726Update of VAT statement to accommodate for introduction of reduced VAT rates and update of U30 form for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.TaxCOD11110, PAG471, REP11110, REP11112, TAB256, TAB324
ES - Spain
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
158755Update of scheme 58 (advanced credits) as last step in adopting SEPA for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.Financial ManagementMEN1030, PAG9003, PAG9004, PAG9020, TAB1207, TAB7000005, XML1010
NL - Netherlands
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
1582042016 SBR taxonomy update (NT10.0) for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.TaxREP11403, REP11404


How to obtain the Microsoft Dynamics NAV update files

This update is available for manual download and installation from the Microsoft Download Center.

Cumulative update CU 03 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

Which hotfix package to download

This cumulative update has multiple hotfix packages. Select and download one of the following packages depending on the country version of your Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 database:
Country Hotfix package
AT - Austria Download the ATKB3130298 package
AU - Australia Download the AUKB3130298 package
BE - Belgium Download the BEKB3130298 package
CH - Switzerland Download the CHKB3130298 package
CZ- Czech Download the CZKB3130298 package
DE - Germany Download the DEKB3130298 package
DK - Denmark Download the DKKB3130298 package
ES - Spain Download the ESKB3130298 package
FI - Finland Download the FIKB3130298 package
FR - France Download the FRKB3130298 package
IS - Iceland Download the ISKB3130298 package
IT - Italy Download the ITKB3130298 package
NA - North America Download the NAKB3130298 package
NL - Netherlands Download the NLKB3130298 package
NO - Norway Download the NOKB3130298 package
NZ - New Zealand Download the NZKB3130298 package
RU - Russia Download the RUKB3130298 package
SE - Sweden Download the SEKB3130298 package
UK - United Kingdom Download the GBKB3130298 package
All other countries Download the W1KB3130298 package

How to install a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 cumulative update

See How to install a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 cumulative update .


You must have Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 installed to apply this hotfix.

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