Products and Services are not populating on Work Order generated from Agreement


FieldOne Sky Desktop v5.0.1018.611

What to do when Products and Services are not populating on a Work Order Generated from an Agreement.

  1. I created agreement
  2. I added Agreement Schedule with Daily Recurrence
  3. Auto generate Work Orders - Yes
  4. Auto generate Schedules - No
  5. Auto Generate Days in Advance - 7
  6. Added two Agreement Incidents to Agreement Schedule (1 incident with Populate items on Agreement - Yes and other Incident with Populate on Agreements - No)
  7. Products and Services of Incident did indeed become Agreement Products and Services
  8. Changed status of Agreement to Active
7 Work Orders were generated (due to recurrence and Days in advance setting). None of these work orders had the Products and Services.

I manually generated an Agreement Work Order (via Schedule Dates). Products and Services did populate on this work order.

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