What is the difference between a price list item and a FieldOne price list item?



FieldOne Price List items add extra functionality to standard MS Dynamics CRM price list items.

How is a FieldOne price list item used?

FieldOne price list items are generally used to add extra pricing options to exisitng price list items typically for Work Order Services.

This is achieved in two ways: First you can create a price list and add a price list item that defines the price for a product or service. Next you can add a FieldOne price list item that will add extra pricing options for the price list item. Secondly, you can create a Price List and add a FieldOne price list item (without adding a price list item first). This will add extra pricing potions based on the list price and cost specified on the Product/Service record.

How do I create a FieldOne price list item?

Step 1: Navigate to the Price List you wish to add a FieldOne price list Item to

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Step 2: Choose FieldOne Price List item in the left pane and choose "Add New FieldOne Price List item" in the top left

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Step 3: Assign a name

Step 4: Choose Product/Service

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Step 5: Add pricing details, options include:
  • Duration Round To
  • Duration Rounding Policy
  • Flat Fee
    • Defines price for Work Order Service regardless of duration
  • Minimum Charge Amount
    • Sets a price charge on top of what would normally be billed for a service. For example, if minimum charge amount is set to $50 and a Field Agent shows up but does not need to perform the service, the bill for that service would simply be $50. If the bill for the service comes out to $50 then $100 would be charged for the service. If the service charge comes out to $40 then $90 would be charged.
  • Minimum Charge Duration
    • Makes the first X amount of time free. As an example, if the value for minimum charge duration is set to 30 minutes and the service is recorded as 1 hour, then only 30 minutes would count toward the billed rate.
Tips and Tricks:

By not specifying a service in the fieldone price list, the conditions set will apply to all services in the price list.

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