A Windows 10 device is enrolled as "mobile" when you use Mobile Device Management

Applies to: Microsoft Intune


When you enroll a Windows 10-based device by using Mobile Device Management, the device is enrolled as a mobile device and does not appear as a "Computer" device type in Microsoft Intune. Instead, the device appears under "Mobile Devices."


To enroll a Windows 10 device and have it display as a computer in Microsoft Intune, the Microsoft Intune client software must be installed. For the hardware requirements and the steps to install the client software, see the following TechNet topic:

More Information

There are multiple methods to enroll devices in Microsoft Intune. Any method that is used outside the installation of Microsoft Intune client software uses OM-ADM and causes the device to be displayed as a mobile device. These methods include auto-MDM enrollment through Azure Active Directory and manual enrollment through Work Access.

For more information, see the following TechNet topics:


This behavior is by design.