Media Feature Pack list for Windows N editions

Applies to: Windows 10, version 1511Windows 10Windows 8.1 Pro N More


This support page provides a central location to obtain the list of the Media Feature Packages for Windows N releases. Use this page to find the correct link to Media Feature Package KB article that matches your OS release version.

N editions of Windows include the same functionality as other editions of Windows, except for media-related technologies, Windows Media Player, and certain preinstalled media apps (Groove, Movies & TV, Voice Recorder, and Skype). Media Feature Package provides a way for a customer to restore these excluded technologies.  Some features will require reinstalling hardware drivers after installing the Media Feature Pack. Please follow the instructions here for additional guidance:

Media Feature Pack list

The following table provides the links to each Media Feature Pack that matches a particular Windows public release based on version and major build number. Use the appropriate link to install the correct package for your version of Windows.