Skype for Business April 2016 cumulative update for Crestron RL, Polycom CX8000, and SMART Room System (KB3155873)

Applies to: Skype Room Systems

This 15.15 update resolves a list of issues for Microsoft Skype for Business for Crestron RL, Polycom CX8000, and SMART Room System.

Issues that the update fixes

This update fixes the following issues:
  • If you ignore the first incoming call, the additional calls to a Skype Room System are not received as expected.
  • Reworded a user tip for the private meeting logon screen.
  • Fixed some font and background colors to better reflect the Skype for Business rebranding.

This update also fixes the issues that are described in the following previously released Microsoft Knowledge Base articles:

Improvements that the update provides

This update provides the following improvements:
  • Enables non-touch support. Admin can configure the Skype Room System to work with non-touch front-of-the-room displays. The table-top console continues to support touch.
  • Skype Room System lets you enable an additional tab that offers OEM customization, such as PTZ cameras controls. Contact your provider for more information about their product plans and release notes.
Things to be aware of when you enable the non-touch user interface (UI):
  • The whiteboard can be launched only by remote participants.
  • Embedded PowerPoint videos can be played only by remote participants.
  • The non-touch UI isn't recommended when you use touch displays.
Additionally, this update includes the following Windows Update software updates:

More Information

How to install the update

To install this update, use one of the following methods.


There are no prerequisites for installing this update.

Restart requirement

You must restart the device after you install this update.

Update replacement information

This update replaces KB 3136138 update for Crestron RL, Polycom CX8000, and SMART Room System.