Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update 0.3


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update 0.3 is now available. This article describes the fixes that were included in the 19.3 update. 

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update 0.3 build information

To determine whether your organization has this update applied, please check your Microsoft Dynamics Marketing build by clicking the "gear" icon in the upper-right corner of the application and choosing "About". The "Version" value listed on this page should be at or above 19.3.x and the "Database version" value listed on this page should be at or above

For the latest downloadable files related to Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, please visit the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2016 - Resources for Download page.

New features introduced in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update 0.3

Issues that are resolved in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update 0.3

Update 0.3 resolves the following issues: 
  • Approval emails disclose email address of the previous approver.
  • Column values in the file Explorer are misaligned when the folder pane (tree view of folders) is collapsed.
  • Changing an approval request configuration from concurrent to sequential removes all users added to the form and they have to be repopulated.
  • Vendor field of media orders shows non-vendor contacts in the dropdown list.
  • Start date of a task is not set automatically to the completed date of the previous task.
  • Unable to create contacts belonging to the site company through the SDK.
  • Notes added to leads and contacts do not display the creation timestamps.
  • Not able to add files to an approval by uploading new files from the approval page.
  • No progress indicator displayed when importing new languages.
  • Landing pages with redirection URLs are kept open after submission and the redirecting page is opened in a new tab.
  • SDK responses and logs are not available when sending of transactional emails fails.
  • Contact records created through SDK without specifying the currency do not have the currency field set to the default currency.
  • Designation field of email marketing messages created based on existing templates from the campaign automation canvas are not set to Campaign Automation.
  • Not able to add Reply-to field for email marketing messages.
  • Number of records displayed per page in the Leads grid is fixed at 10 and does not inherit the paging options defined in user preferences.
  • Unable to modify the date field value in Payroll and Journal Entry records.
  • Time slips associated with a specific job record can also be associated with tasks belonging to a different job record.
  • Tax amount in credit memos and refund invoices change sign when the record is opened and alter the Total Amount of the records.
  • Folder Location column of the Files table in OData feeds displays the parent folders in alphabetical order instead of by hierarchy.
  • Email addresses which contain character apostrophe (‘ or ’) are considered invalid when sending SMTP (internal) emails.
  • Unable to view results of A/B tests configured with ‘No scheduled delivery’ option.
  • Message length of social media messages which contain a URL are calculated incorrectly.
  • Unable to sort the Contacts grid of email marketing messages by Date column.
  • ExpenseActual column of BudgetKPI and BudgetSheetKPI tables in oData feeds show blank values instead of the actual values in the application.
  • Retrieving or updating the company description through SDK updates the Order Comments field of the company record.

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