PSTN call from Skype for Business mobile client shows wrong caller number in Cloud Connector Edition


Consider the following scenario:
  • You deploy Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition.
  • You sign in to a Skype for Business mobile client (such as Skype for Business for iOS, Skype for Business for Android, or Skype for Business for Windows Phone).
  • You dial a PSTN phone number and make the call.
In this scenario, the caller’s telephone number isn't displayed correctly in Caller ID on the recipient's phone. However, when you sign in by using the same Skype for Business account in the Skype for Business desktop client, and you dial the same PSTN phone number, the recipient's phone displays the caller’s telephone number correctly.

More Information

This is a known issue in Cloud Connector Edition. Currently there is no workaround. We’re working on the fix, and it will be resolved in next release.

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