Event 13512 Logged on a Domain Controller


When the Microsoft Windows 2000 File Replication Service (FRS) starts, the following event may be logged:

Event Type:Warning
Event Source:NtFrs
Event Category:None
Event ID:13512
Time:4:06:05 PM
The File Replication Service has detected an enabled disk write cache on the drive containing the directory c:\winnt\ntfrs\jet on the computer computer_name.
FRS many not recover when power to the drive is interrupted and critical updates are lost.

More Information

FRS is a multithreaded, multimaster replication engine. Windows 2000-based domain controllers and servers use FRS to replicate policies and logon scripts for Windows 2000-based and client computers and clients that are running earlier versions of Microsoft Windows. FRS can also replicate content between Windows 2000-based servers that host the same fault-tolerant Distributed file system (Dfs) roots or child node replicas.

This event is logged for informational purposes. When this event is logged, the system administrator is aware that the FRS database may be damaged if power to the drive is lost.

If you enable the Write Caching feature and if there are provisions for a power loss (such as an uninterruptible power supply [UPS] attached to the computer, hard disks, or drive controller), the FRS database may not be damaged because FRS does not turn off Write Caching.

Note that you cannot disable this error from being logged.