Cumulative Update 9 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 (Build 46290)

Applies to: Dynamics NAV 2016

This article applies to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 for all countries and all language locales.


This cumulative update includes all hotfixes and regulatory features that have been released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, including hotfixes and regulatory features that were released in previous cumulative updates.

This cumulative update replaces previously released cumulative updates. You should always install the latest cumulative update.

It may be necessary to update your license after implementing this hotfix to gain access to new objects included in this or a previous cumulative update (this only applies to customer licenses).

For a list of cumulative updates released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, see released cumulative updates for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 . Cumulative updates are intended for new and existing customers who are running Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.


We recommend that you contact your Microsoft Dynamics Partner before you install hotfixes or updates. It is important to verify that your environment is compatible with the hotfixes or updates being installed. A hotfix or update may cause interoperability issues with customizations and third-party products that work with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution.

Problems that are resolved in this cumulative update

The following problems are resolved in this cumulative update:

Platform hotfixes

378273Dynamics NAV windows client crashes when you try to copy or paste certain values from an Internet Explorer 11 browser session.
378518SSO generates error messages in web client when BuildRestriction is set to DoNotAllow.
378916Add retry logic to the Dynamics NAV application when connection to Azure SQL becomes unavailable.
378989Import navdata cmdlet fails.
379145RTC crashes when a file name's link is long.
379260Add configuration setting for disabling saving reports with an RDLC layout as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel documents
379274Translation (captions) import leaves tables in not working stage.
379284"An attempt was made to change an old version of a Sales Header record. The record should first be reread from the database. This is a programming error." error message when you print multiple order documents to Word or PDF.
379320The Sales Invoice report is printing a redundant empty page at the end of the report.
379339Performance issue when you run a search.
379368Remove-NAVServerPermissionSet does not work with multi tenancy.
379445Assigned permissions damages access to other users.
379468Running an object crashes the development client.
379517Custom CRM Option value cannot be used in filters.
379520Importing an incompatible .NavData file returns the wrong error message.
379552SaveValues is broken randomly.
379587Web client crashes when you open request page.
379601RTC crashes when you open text file with encoding UTF8.
379607JavaScript Add-in fails with åäö in profile path.
379616The "Nested Repeated Content Controls" report in Word layout only displays last row.
379624"The type of the Object Name FlowField in the Permission table must be Decimal" error when you use an advanced filter on the permissions page.
379625The C/AL EVALUATE function does not return FALSE when passed invalid TIME values between 24:00 and 24:59.
379659PasteIsValid is always FALSE in metadata table.
379682You cannot rename a record.
379742External table connection TimeOut is not used.
379800RTC crashes by reading 2 UTF files.
379802"ShortcutDimCode" control list name already exists.
379833Decimal separator does not have a consistent behavior within several parts of the application.
379838Select all (Ctrl+A) does not consider the setting of filter group.
379839GETURL no longer works with variant variable.
379847Temporary records count is wrong when you select all records.
379863Add-in called lookup does not work as expected.
379891The OnBeforeActionEvent EventFunction is no longer triggered.
379893Windows client crashes if missing permissions.

Application hotfixes

IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
379651If a user with no permission to post over certain limit sends an approval request by using the "general journal batch approval" workflow and then cancels it, the system allows posting over the limit to that user without any restriction.AdministrationCOD 1502
379785Caption ML value is missing on the REP 357 - Copy Document.AdministrationREP 357
379666If a user with enough permissions sends an approval request by using the "general journal batch approval" workflow, the system does not auto-approve the request and it still requires extra approval.AdministrationCOD 1535
379881"There are unposted prepayment amounts on the document type Order with number NNNNNN" error message when you approve an order.AdministrationCOD 414 COD 415
379971The GetSelectionFilter function from code unit 46 does not work correctly.AdministrationCOD 46
379598If there is a dimension conflict in the payment reconciliation journal an error message appears which refers to an empty template name and an empty journal batch name.Cash ManagementCOD 11
379027Enabled custom report layouts accidentally replace the standard prints.ClientCOD 229 TAB 9657
379028"The Custom Report Selection does not exist." error message when you select a custom layout.ClientPAG9657.TXT


379738"The view is filtered, and the entry is outside the filter." error message when you view user group members.ClientTAB 9000
379966The view is filtered, and the entry is outside the filter." error message still appears when you view user group members.ClientPAG 9831
379701"You can use In-Transit location XXX for transfer orders only." error message in the Adjust cost batch job after "Use As In-Transit" flag has been switched on and off on a location.CostingCOD 21
379538Deferred revenue or costs are registered for the receivables or the payables account instead of the revenue or cost account.FinanceTAB 81
379600Wrong total values are shown on the "Vendor - Balance to Date" report.Financen/a REP 121 REP 321
379670Currency Exchange Rates Page 483 does not work if you include a default value for the "Fix Exchange Rate Amount" option field on "Curr. Exch. Rate Service Page 1650".FinanceCOD 1201
379723Bank account ledger entries are open after you post a bank reconciliation.FinanceCOD 370
379849The validation of VAT registration number times out too fast.FinanceCOD 248
379857IC status is not New when a new intercompany purchase order is created by using the copy document functionality.FinanceCOD 6620
379728"The Length of the string is nn but it must be less than or equal to 20 characters. Value 123456789012345678901234." error message when you accept an IC inbox transaction.FinanceTAB 418 COD 7000005
379634Reservations are not canceled if these cause a date conflict when you change a sell-to customer number in a sales order.InventoryTAB 36
379749Last direct cost is incorrectly updated in the SKU card when you post a transfer order.InventoryCOD 22 COD 5804
379772Purchase price record that is created for an item that does not exist when you remove the item number from the purchase prices header.InventoryPAG 7012
379821The "Next Counting Start Date" and "End Date" fields are not updated if your physical inventory counting period code has a count frequency of 12 or more than a month.InventoryCOD 7380
379932The total cost amount in the "Purch. Analysis by Dim. Matrix" page is not correct when item is created as service type and receipt and invoice is posted in two separate steps.InventoryCOD 7150
379826The currency code in the job card is not initialized when you change the customer code.JobsTAB 167
379939The Copy Job Function action to copy job data for job tasks and job planning lines from a current job with activity and WIP posting to a brand new job incorrectly populates the Recog. Sales, Cost, and Profit G/L Amount values.JobsCOD 1006
379522Assemble-to-Order link record is not deleted when you change quantity to assemble to order to 0 in a sales order line.ManufacturingTAB 904
379632The "To-Production Bin Code" field is blank on the routing line of a planned production order that is created via a planning worksheet.ManufacturingCOD 99000813
379761"The sum of setup, move and wait time exceeds the available time in the period." error message when you manually schedule a routing line.ManufacturingCOD 99000774
379611Customer sync with CRM fails in some scenarios.MarketingCOD 5341 COD 5342
379850"There is nothing to post." error message appears on an attempt to post a second prepayment invoice for a sales or purchase order.PrepaymentsCOD 442 COD 444
379418If you use the "Suggest Item Charge Assignment" function initially to assign item charges on a purchase document and you decide to not assign it to all lines afterwards the amount to assign gets a wrong value.PurchaseCOD 5805 COD 5807 PAG 5805 PAG 5814 TAB 5805 TAB 5809
379724"The following C/AL functions are limited during write transactions." error message if you try to delete a purchase document that is not posted yet if you use the same number series for the invoices and posted invoices.PurchaseTAB 36 TAB 38 TAB 5900
379577The printer dialog does not open when you print posted sales credit memos from PAG 1321 or 1322, instead the document is printed directly.SalesPAG 1321 PAG 1322
379537An unexpected error message when you use Word as a custom report layout for report 101 with French language.SalesCOD 419 COD 9651
379583Unexpectedly in reminders the grace period is considered also for payments and refunds.SalesCOD 392
379722The "Reserve" column in a sales order is not going to be validated when you switch the purchasing code.SalesTAB 37
379798"Shipment date XX is before work date YY." warning message when you move between sales lines.SalesCOD 80
379871"The Sales - Invoice report does not have a DataItem that uses the table (Table 36 Sales Header) specified in the function SetTableView." error message when you print a return order confirmation having another customer document layout defined.SalesCOD 229
379874CRM integration default product field mappings are wrong.ServerCOD 5334
379921Monthly amounts do not seem to be correct when you define an expiration date in a prepaid service contract.ServiceCOD 5940
379933"The Warehouse Journal Line already exists." error message when you try to undo consumption for more than one service shipment line.ServiceCOD 5819
379990Extended texts are not inserted correctly in service lines.ServicePAG 5905
379434FEFO is not suggesting the first-expiring lot when this has being returned and placed it back into pickable bins.WarehouseCOD 7312
379663Pick does not provide the full quantity available for other lots when you do a lot specific reservation and this same lot is blocked.WarehouseCOD 7312
379664Pick does not provide the full quantity available for other lots when you do a lot specific reservation and bin content is blocked.WarehouseCOD 7312
379786Sales order is not reserved when you register the pick document and item is lot tracked.WarehouseCOD 7307
379790An inventory movement is generated for the incorrect quantity when a lot specific tracked item is processed by using the "Internal Movement - Get Bin Content" functionality and the quantity on the line is overridden without changing item tracking quantity.WarehouseCOD 6500 PAG 6550 TAB 7347
379803Reason codes are not inherited from the Whse. Item Journal, when you execute calculate whse. adjustment in the Item journal and not transferred to the related G/L Entry.WarehouseCOD 5802
379824FEFO is not suggesting the first-expiring lot when this has being returned and placed it back into pickable bins.WarehouseCOD 7312 COD 22
379398"The Item Entry Relation does not exist." error message when you post a sales order for an assemble item that is partially assemble-to-order and partially ship from stock in a WMS location.WarehouseCOD 80 COD 99000832 PAG 6510 TAB 7321
379757"Item Tracking defined for the source line accounts for more than the quantity you have entered. You must adjust the existing item tracking and then reenter the new quantity." error when you try to pick and ship a partially assembled sales line, but there is an issue with the lot number on the pick document.WarehouseCOD 6500

Local application hotfixes


IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
379702"Bank Account does not exist. Identification fields and values: No.=nnnn" error message when you unapply a vendor ledger entry with WHT in the APAC version.FinanceCOD 12
379763"Document No. (A1) must be filled in. Enter a value." error message when you click the New button in BAS Calculation Sheet list page in the APAC version.FinancePAG 11601 TAB 11601

AU - Australia
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
379733All fields copied from an excel sheet are not copied into Dynamics NAV page by using the Paste Rows function in the Australian version.AdministrationPAG 171 PAG 176 PAG 46 PAG 47 PAG 508 PAG 510 PAG 54 PAG 55 PAG 752 PAG 755 PAG 95 PAG 96 PAG 97 PAG 98
BE - Belgium
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
379907If an EB payment line is mapped as "Separate Line", when you process the payment journal, the system transfers this line to another payment journal in the Belgian version.Cash ManagementREP 2000004 REP 2000005
380000Unexpectedly the lines in EB journal are being split in different batches in the Belgian version.Cash ManagementREP 2000004 REP 2000005
CZ- Czech
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
379420"A call to Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.OpenXml.Spreadsheet.WorkbookWriter.Dispose failed with this message: File contains corrupted data." error message if you export to excel the SKP code table from a RapidStart configuration package in the Czech version.AdministrationPAG 31043 TAB 31043 TAB 5600
379781The "Whse. Net Change Template List" page and VAT Identifiers page are missing in the MenuSuite 1030 in the Czech version. AdministrationMEN 1030
379540The "Amt. on Issued Payment Order" field is empty on the payment order lines even if the payment is already issued in the Czech version.FinancePAG 11717
379766Enable the account receivables or payables when you post deferral in the Czech version.FinanceCOD 12 COD 1720
379777Add the Prepayment field to Payment Reconciliation Journal in the Czech version.FinanceCOD 370 PAG 1290 TAB 274 TAB 81
379778If you change VAT Date in the purchase header then the VAT % (Non Deductible), VAT Base (Non Deductible) and VAT Amount (Deductible) fields are not validated in the lines in the Czech version.PurchaseTAB 38
379729The Total Excl. VAT (CKZ) field is incorrectly calculated in a sales document if you use Prices Including VAT and Round VAT Coeff in the Czech version.VAT/Sales Tax/IntrastatTAB 37
DE - Germany
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
379779The Adjustment Amount is not shown on the Adjust Exchanges Rates report in the Germany version.FinanceREP 595
ES - Spain
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
379887The paydays are not correctly calculated on the Vendor - Overdue Payments report in the Spanish version.PurchaseREP 10748
379713The "Payment Discount on VAT" field has an incorrect value if reverse charge VAT is involved in the Sales - Quote report in the Spanish version.SalesTAB 37 TAB 5902
IT - Italy
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
379631If you post a purchase invoice for an EU vendor from a general journal, the number series that is used as "Reverse Sale VAT No. Series" is not correct in the Italian version.FinanceCOD 12 TAB 81
379909If you post a purchase invoice for an EU vendor in more than one line from a general journal, the number series that is used as "Reverse Sale VAT No. Series" is not correct in the Italian version.FinanceTAB 81
379767Credit memos and invoices are not matched and not showing the operation balance even although the entries are applied in the system in the Customer and Vendor BiIl list reports in the Italian version.SalesREP 12116 REP 12117
379650If you post an EU credit memo for charge (item) related to previous period posted EU sale invoice, the credit memo document is not suggested in the correction intrastat journal in Italian version.VAT/Sales Tax/IntrastatREP 594
379853If you post an EU sale and an EU purchase invoice as a drop shipment, the system does not include the EU sale and EU purchase entries in the Intrastat journal in Italian version.VAT/Sales Tax/IntrastatREP 594
NA - North America

IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
379806"The Bank Account Ledger Entry does not exist." error message when expanding a deposit line and the amount is incorrect, after suggesting lines multiple times in a bank reconciliation worksheet in the North American version.Cash ManagementTAB 10120 TAB 10121
379661Posting of a purchase order as Invoiced generates an inconsistency error if Canada expense or capitalize tax was originally set on the released PO lines but then the tax area code is deleted or removed.VAT/Sales Tax/IntrastatTAB 39

NL - Netherlands
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
379473The Dimension Value Name and New Dimension Value Name fields' length differs from the Name field in the table 482 when they are defined as a lookup to the Name field in the Dutch version. ClientTAB 482
NO - Norway
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
379888Wrong error and warning messages occur during remittance in the Norwegian version.FinanceREP 15000050

RU - Russia
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
379551The VAT Purchase Ledger report has some problems in scenario with prepayment from vendor in the Russian version.FinanceREP 12455
379679The VAT Sales or Purchase Ledger report has some problems when use VAT Agent (Internal Funds) and "Manual VAT Settlement" is set to no for the end-to-end scenario in the Russian version. (Follow 379454)FinanceREP 12455 REP 12456 TAB 12405
379714Amount values on tab 00002 are not integer in the Assessed Tax declaration if it is exported to Excel when use exemption in the Russian version.FinanceREP 14920
379820The Customer - Reconciliation Act report shows an unexpected result in scenario with 2 invoices and 2 payments in the Russian version. (Follow 378987)FinanceREP 14910
379946Add hotfix of 346523 for the Russian versionPAG 498
UK - United Kingdom
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
379965The Underline and Double Underline options within an account schedule does not work as expected in the British version.FinanceREP 25


How to obtain the Microsoft Dynamics NAV update files

This update is available for manual download and installation from the Microsoft Download Center.

Cumulative update CU 09 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

Which hotfix package to download

This cumulative update has multiple hotfix packages. Select and download one of the following packages depending on the country version of your Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 database:
Country Hotfix package
AT - Austria Download the ATKB3172549 package
AU - Australia Download the AUKB3172549 package
BE - Belgium Download the BEKB3172549 package
CH - Switzerland Download the CHKB3172549 package
CZ- Czech Download the CZKB3172549 package
DE - Germany Download the DEKB3172549 package
DK - Denmark Download the DKKB3172549 package
ES - Spain Download the ESKB3172549 package
FI - Finland Download the FIKB3172549 package
FR - France Download the FRKB3172549 package
IS - Iceland Download the ISKB3172549 package
IT - Italy Download the ITKB3172549 package
NA - North America Download the NAKB3172549 package
NL - Netherlands Download the NLKB3172549 package
NO - Norway Download the NOKB3172549 package
NZ - New Zealand Download the NZKB3172549 package
RU - Russia Download the RUKB3172549 package
SE - Sweden Download the SEKB3172549 package
UK - United Kingdom Download the GBKB3172549 package
All other countries Download the W1KB3172549 package

How to install a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 cumulative update

See How to install a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 cumulative update .


You must have Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 installed to apply this hotfix.

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