Service update 2 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 7.1.2


Service update 2 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 7.1.2 is now available. This article describes the hotfixes and updates that are included in Service update 2.

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Service update 2 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

To determine whether your organization had this update applied, check your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online version number. Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner, and then click About.

Service update 2 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 7.1.2

Service update 2 resolves the following issues:
  • Opening a hierarchal Form from the Territory Entity results in an error.307061
  • A script errors occur in CRM for Outlook while using Yammer Integration and WebFormsHost.307064
  • In CRM for Outlook a script error occurs when converting an e-mail to a Lead while using webformshost.308157
  • During an Import the error "The lookup reference could not be resolved." occurs while attempting to resolve to a Queue.305464
  • Use of setValue() on an Option Set is causing its onChange event to fire.305462
  • When opening a web resource, the web resource page does not open.305452
  • Solution import fails with the message "Schema validation failed" because the 'distinct' attribute is not declared.305468
  • An error occurs when attempting to create an Appointment from the Social pane when the { symbol is present.305457
  • Recently viewed items are not stored on a Danish/Swedish Windows installation.305466
  • A script error occurs when navigating to CRM folders in CRM for Outlook.307075
  • Incoming e-mail is never delivered while using the E-mail Router configured with a POP3 connetion.305447
  • Service Calendar is not updated when Required Attendees are removed from an Appointment.305458
  • Contract Cancellation Date Field is set to current day instead of selected date on cancel.305451
  • If a user is missing PrivReadHierarchyRule it causes Hierarchy Visualization to be hidden for all users.305455
  • A record will not be marked as dirty after changing the value of Field that triggers a Business Process Flow to lock the Field.309839
  • Unable to insert a Template into an E-mail Activity while using Legacy Form Rendering.310425
  • Outlook View sort order changes when navigating away from the View.305456
  • A customized exception message thrown by a plugin is failing to show correctly in a dialog while using the Dynamics CRM for mobile app.305461
  • Stop Workflow Step Status is not updated correctly.305465
  • Description Field does not scroll in read-only mode using the new Form Rendering Engine.310048
  • Changes to e-mail body are truncated after a Save and Send.310427
  • A Read Only message appears on an Account when using the Manager Level Hierarchy security model.264854
  • Email Form doesn't render correctly.299915
  • Subject Field on Order Close Entity is not populating on Fulfill Order, or Cancel Order actions.305453
  • All activities display in the Social Pane of a Lead Form, and then switch to only display the activities with Set Regarding.305454
  • Unable to navigate to a record by selecting the lookup control in the footer of a Form while using the new Form Rendering Engine.305460
  • Unable to open Forms while using the Slovak language pack.287307
  • Asynchronous Service crashes if a Data column contains more than 100MB of data when uncompressed.306004

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