Important information about Facebook pages data acquisition


With the release of Microsoft Social Engagement 2016 Update 1.7, we launched new data acquisition capabilities for Facebook pages. The new data acquisition capabilities allow for a faster and more complete data acquisition through public Facebook pages. The previous capabilities for Facebook page data acquisition are being deprecated at a later stage and announced separately.  

You will be informed by a notification in the User Interface when your organization is ready to use the new acquisition. Once you see the notification to enable the new data acquisition capabilities, at least one of your Microsoft Social Engagement users must connect their Facebook user profile with Social Engagement data acquisition, and then allow the data acquisition for Facebook. We will automatically enable the data acquisition for your organization in the next few days after you complete Facebook user profile authentication steps below. Once the new data acquisition is active for your solution, the initial notification informing you about the change will disappear, and will be replaced with notifications informing you on the state of the acquisition for Facebook Pages.

The full roll-out of the new data acquisition for Facebook pages and deprecation of the previous data acquisition capabilities will be announced later.

Important: If you don’t provide a valid Facebook user profile, the data acquisition for Facebook pages will stop once the previous data acquisition is switched off, and you won’t receive data from Facebook pages until you authenticate a Facebook profile. We will inform you later in a separate communication about the deprecation deadline.

Authenticate a Facebook user profile

1. In Microsoft Social Engagement, go to Settings > Social Profiles.
2. On Social Profiles, click Add Profile.
3. Select Facebook Acquisition as the profile type. You’ll be asked to sign in to Facebook with your Facebook user credentials.
4. After you sign in, select the Allow checkbox. Your profile now appears in the list of profiles under Acquisition Token Status Overview.

The authenticated profile will be valid for a maximum period of 60 days. We will notify you of the expiration date by email. If you have multiple users with authenticated profiles, then when the last Facebook user profile isn’t valid anymore, we’ll notify you in the user interface and by email, too.


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