Managing a hybrid cloud with Azure Operations Management Suite (OMS)

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Operations Management Suite (OMS) lets you gain control over any hybrid cloud. You can use OMS to manage and protect Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Windows Server, Linux, VMware, and OpenStack. OMS is a cost-effective, all-in-one cloud IT management solution.

More Information

OMS provides the following options for cloud and hybrid cloud monitoring and management: 
  • Log Analytics solution packs provide insight through integrated fast search and queries. They also provide visibility into workloads across clouds by collecting, storing, and analyzing log data from virtually any Windows Server and Linux source.
  • IT Automation helps orchestrate complex and repetitive operations; it also helps reduce errors and boost efficiency.
  • Backup and Recovery helps protect business data and related workloads from service interruption or disaster.
  • Security and Compliance solution packs help secure your workloads, servers, and users by collecting security-related events and performing forensics, audits, and breach analysis.

Key functionality

Operations Management Suite helps you manage your environment by offering the following capabilities:
Log SearchCollects and analyzes logs and events from all your computers.
AD AssessmentAssess the risk and health of Active Directory environments.
AD Replication StatusIdentifies Active Directory replication issues in your environment.
Alert ManagementLets you view your Operations Manager and OMS alerts to easily triage alerts and identify the root causes of problems in your environment.
Antimalware AssessmentLets you view the status of antivirus and antimalware scans across your servers.
Azure AutomationAutomates time-consuming and frequently repeated tasks in the cloud and on-premises.
Azure Networking AnalyticsGives you insight into your Azure Network Security Group and Application Gateway logs.
Azure Site RecoveryMonitors virtual machine replication status for your Azure Site Recovery Vault. 
BackupHelps you manage Azure IaaS VM backup and Windows Server backup status for your backup vault.
Change TrackingTracks configuration changes across your servers.
Key VaultHelps you understand your Key Vault usage through analysis of Key Vault logs.
Network Performance MonitorOffers near real-time monitoring of network performance parameters like loss and latency.
Office 365Provides full visibility into your Office 365 user activities; performs forensics, audits, and compliance.
Security and AuditProvides the ability to explore security-related data and helps identify security breaches.
SQL AssessmentAssesses the risk and health of SQL Server environments.
Surface HubProvides the ability to monitor Microsoft Surface Hub devices.
System Update AssessmentIdentifies missing system updates across your servers.
Upgrade AnalyticsUses a data-driven approach to streamline and accelerate Windows upgrades.

To learn more or to sign up for the free edition, see Get started with Operations Management Suite.