Machine translation in SharePoint 2016 depends on Windows Font Cache


When you try to translate a Microsoft Word document by using SharePoint Translation Services, the operation fails. Additionally, an error entry that resembles the following is written to the SharePoint ULS log:

SharePoint Translation Services Translation agqp1 High TranslationSyncProcessor.Translate: Failed to translate binary. (Title: , Url: /zh-cn/Documents/7-5-2016 test machine translation.docx, Id: 4, Error: The file could not be translated due to an intermittent error in the system. Please resubmit this file for translation. If the file fails again with this error message, contact your system administrator.)


This issue occurs if the Windows Font Cache Service (FontCache) is disabled. In SharePoint Server 2016, the SharePoint Translation Services feature requires the Windows Font Cache Service. There is no such dependency in earlier versions of SharePoint.


To resolve this issue, enable the Windows Font Cache Service, and set the Startup type option to Automatic. To do this through a command prompt, log in as an administrator, and then run the following commands from an elevated command prompt:

sc config FontCache start=auto group=AudioGroup

net start FontCache
For more information, see Windows with C++ - exploring fonts with DirectWrite and Modern C++.

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